Friday, January 31, 2014

Duke University Faculty Too White, More La-Teen-Ohs Desperately Needed

There are too many Whites, declares our enemy. As far as the kosher marxist is concerned even one White person is too many. They'll be happy when we have been completely destroyed. "Diversity," "Multiculturalism" and all the other assorted sicknesses of the modern age exist only to serve the goal of White genocide. We are being targeted for destruction. Never in human history has a nation so completely turned against its former national character in a suicidal pursuit of the mindless tan everyman.

At the communist indoctrination center the wire-pullers are worried about all the pale skin. Fair skin isn't really fair, after all. Clearly special initiatives are needed to reduce the number of honky devils.

Although the Faculty Diversity Initiative has increased the numbers of black faculty and female faculty in the past 10 years, the percentage of Latino faculty remains low.

"Oh no, insufficient levels of mestizo invaders! We need that unwashed brown skin and broken English! It makes us strong!"

"The Faculty Diversity Initiative was launched in 2003 to increase the number of black faculty, the number of women faculty in areas where they are underrepresented and to enhance the climate for all faculty members."

Nothing "enhances the climate" like a policy of White replacement. Once we have nothing but competing groups of brown victims all wailing about the evils of Whitey and Western Civilization when they're not attacking each other we will achieve an earthly paradise.

Although strides have been made towards these goals, there remain areas in which diversity can be improved—including the number of Latino faculty members, administrators said.

"We managed to eliminate many qualified Whites by hiring inept negroes, but we need more border hoppers and we need them badly. Non-Whites make everything better, after all."

This anti-White nonsense is taken seriously.

“It has been understood since 2003 that Latino/Latina faculty is an important category that we pay attention to in addition to black, women and more recently, LGBT groups,”said Academic Council Chair Joshua Socolar, a physics professor. “But the total number [of Latino faculty] right now is not great.”

Foreign aliens, sodomites and cross-dressing mental defectives. Hurry up and die, U.S.S.A. Let it all burn.

“[The low percentage of Latinos] is not for lack of awareness of the issue or lack of interest in hiring them to improve our faculty. Attention is being paid, though we have not been very successful,”

"We've been really trying hard to eliminate Whites, but stupid old reality does make it difficult."

How having a la-teen-oh professor leads to an inherent "improvement" in the faculty is certainly a mystery. This is all marxist drivel.

“One thing we see as a way to make our faculty better is to make it more diverse and representative of all the groups, and there have been efforts.”

At the communist indoctrination center the victims are told race doesn't exist, it's a social construct. The same bastards spewing this hate turn around and say things like the above.

Negroes, may-hee-cans and the jew wire-pullers = "diversity."

Inderdeep Chatrath, director of affirmative action and equal opportunity at the Office of Institutional Equity, noted that the low percentage of Latino faculty is tied to the availability of Latino candidates both in the area and across the nation.

Yes, there's an entire Stalinist department that has the sole goal of eliminating Whites. 

We need more unqualified negroes, wise La-teen-ahs and sodomites with damaged rectums instructing our youth at the communist indoctrination center. The anti-White agenda isn't even concealed behind weasel words any more. Fewer Whites. That's what they want. A nation can't survive this madness.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 America: The Wrong Place and Time

As the U.S.S.A. is embalmed and prepared for the cemetery of once great nations, to share plot space with many other formerly White countries, the "random" negro violence against Whites has become commonplace. The response from our criminal government is more hand-outs and preferences for non-Whites, because more always need to be done, to say nothing of the coming bipartisan suicide pact that will destroy whatever remaining national character America has.

The dinosaur media has established a predictable template. First, give the story as little attention as possible and aggressively ignore the racial aspect. Downplay the horror of the crime with moronic cliches like "robbery gone wrong." Mention the lack of arrests, maybe describe a jacket, document the feckless White response and get the whole thing into the memory hole.

He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

This meaningless and insulting statement could be another epitaph for America. Geographical location and chronological orientation gone wrong. Another forgotten White victim of the undeclared, one-sided race war.

That’s what investigators say about the night 19-year-old Kyle Jobin of McCordsville was shot and killed outside a Lawrence gas station.

They also say things like "we have camera footage of four identical looking brown blobs" and "there's zero chance of catching the negroes involved."

Investigators say a witness saw four black men surround his car, after he came out with his cigarettes: they were knocking on windows and doors, trying to get in the car.

Negro pack attack. Another "robbery gone wrong." Another unarmed victim. Another White victim of negro pathology.

The witness ran to get police: when they came back, Kyle was slumped over the wheel, with a gunshot wound to the head.

Murdered by brown aliens.

“It’s so very hard, because Kyle never hurt anybody his whole life,” said Cyndi, his mother. “It felt like, why would they pick him? Why would they pick anybody?”

It was racial. The average negro is full of hatred for Whites. This is our reward for decades of trying to uplift this failed race. 

Detectives at the Lawrence Police Department say they’ve now exhausted all leads, and are hoping someone from the public comes forward with information.

The usual outcome. Open season on Whites with law enforcement helpless.

Pretending the negro is capable of living in a civilized nation is one of the greatest delusions of this age, up there with the idea that third world invasion is good, that it's "heroic" to have a penis inserted in your anus and that the kosher counterfeiting press can keep humming away forever. These animals have no place in a White nation. No more victims, no more predictable negro failure. The right place is a White nation. The right time to start working for it is now.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Negro Knockout King Gave White Victim Brain Damage, Gets Released and Continues to Commit Crimes

Stories of "polar bear hunting" are rarely reported and never given national attention unless the victim is more equal. Finding out what actually happens to the negro criminals and White victim afterward is nearly impossible. When I do find out, it becomes obvious why it's almost never reported. Back in August I discussed the story of a knockout king attack that left a White with brain damage and a negro monster from the "ham crazy" gang facing a possible wrist slap. It turns out even that prediction was extremely optimistic. The worthless animal that destroyed a White life was not punished in any way and continues to commit senseless crimes with predictable regularity.

A Minnesota teenager who was acquitted two months ago in the brutal beating of an innocent  passerby was arrested again last month for allegedly getting into a fight with a 16-year-old boy.

The rich tapestry that makes up the life of the American negro. Racially motivated attacks on Whites. Frequent arrests. A judicial system too cowardly to put the garbage in the can.

Issac Maiden, 19, was cleared in early November of first-degree assault, aggravated robbery and two gang-related charges in connection to the August 2013 attack that nearly cost Ray Widstrand his life.

A White man's life completely destroyed by a brown alien. Another forgotten victim of the undeclared, one-sided race war.

At the time, Judge Salvador Rosas urged Maiden to think of what he had done and change his ways. Otherwise, the judge warned Maiden, 'I have no doubt you'll be back.'

Wise words from a wise la-teen-ah. Instead of punishing this piece of shit the meskin tells it to use its 70 I.Q. brain to consider the pro and contra of killing Whitey. Turn your life around and become an aspiring chemical engineer, oceanographer and/or rapper. Reasoning with something that isn't capable of understanding the connection between current actions and future outcomes. Good luck.

Rosas' words turned out to be prophetic as Maiden landed in trouble with the law once again two days after Christmas.

You didn't really need to be Nostradamus for this one.

According to a report from the University of Minnesota Police Department cited by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the 19-year-old was caught brawling with the unnamed 16-year-old at the intersection of 25th Avenue and Delaware Street SE just after 1am on December 27, 2013.

Why is this garbage in a White country?

Not punished for destroying a White man's life, continues to run wild.

Authorities stated that members or associates of local gangs were responsible for Widstrand's brutal beating that left him with a severe brain injury.

Be armed. Be alert. The "races" justice system doesn't care if you're attacked.

Widstrand was taking a walk when he was caught in a fight between two groups of teens who reportedly turned on the passerby, punching him and stomping on his head before leaving him unconscious and bleeding from his nose and mouth.

Oh, those wacky "teens" and their harmless little hijinks. 

Maiden was found not guilty in the incident after jurors heard confusing testimony from witnesses.

A jury with an average I.Q. far below 100 fails to deliver the conviction. "Dis tes-monee be all 'fusin and sheet. He din do nuffin' he a ma-dall sit-i-zen."

Maiden is due back in court next month for a hearing about the disorderly conduct citation from December.

Warm up the revolving door, he's back again.

As the rule of law continues to erode and mystery meat juries that can't even parse testimony become common we're going to see more and more attacks on Whites, less media coverage and more "think about what you did, Barkevious" in lieu of actual punishment. Obviously, this center can not hold, declaring open season on the only people holding our nation's corpse in an upright position will insure the collapse. Be armed and be prepared. The whole rotten structure is coming down.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chocolate Mayor Indicted For Massive Corruption

The negro is incapable of self-governance. From the African all against all to the ruins of Detroit the same predictable failure occurs over and over. In 2005 New Orleans provided a preview of what the U.S.S.A. will look like when Whites are gone: chaos, lawlessness, looting, raping, shooting at rescue workers, all the rest. In the center of this malfunction was a typical corrupt negro politician, mumbling about restoring a "Chocolate City," as if there was any danger of Whites moving in after the massive bongo party that took place.

Then this Obama in miniature filled its own pockets.

Jury selection started on Monday in the public corruption trial of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, who led the city during and after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and now faces charges he profited personally from the city’s recovery.

By "led" we mean he let Whitey clean up the massive negro mess while occasionally mumbling bizarre, racially-charged remarks. What a hero.

Nagin, who was swept into office on promises of good government in 2002 and re-elected in 2006, was indicted by a federal grand jury on 21 counts of corruption, including bribery, wire fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and filing false tax returns.

Nagin could be sentenced to 20 years in prison or more under federal sentencing guidelines if he is convicted of the charges against him, a legal expert said.

Nagin, 57, was indicted January 2013 and charged with accepting gifts that included more than $200,000 in cash and wire transfers, free vacations for him and his family, and truck loads of free granite delivered to a countertop installation company Nagin owned with his two sons.

Later, Nagin, who is black, was criticized for racial divisiveness for urging residents to rebuild a "chocolate New Orleans," referring to its majority African-American population.

Full Story.

Another city destroyed by the negro, another corrupt "leader" propped up by a corrupt system. We must restore our own White nation.

Chocolate City.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mall Shooter Finally Revealed As Negro, Media and Government No Longer Interested

Whites are bad. Guns are bad. In a society where every kind of mental and spiritual sickness is celebrated these two constants never change. Armed Whites are not going to be easily enslaved or killed and since this is the kosher plan steps must be taken to disarm the cattle. The usual strategy is some highly suspicious incident followed by a media and government reaction that is so rapid and well-organized it can only be the result of advance planning. Yes, our ruling bastards have the "oh the poor dead kids" speeches written and ready to go at a moment's notice. Yes, the media has the "it was probably a White" experts on speed-dial for just such a situation. Never waste a good crisis, says the communist jew.

A lot of times the crisis turns out to be a lot less "good" than the nation-wreckers had hoped. Consider the recent mall shooting in Maryland, where the entire kosher apparatus sprung into action only to suddenly fall silent, pack up and go home. What could have caused this?

It was a negro.

The dumbfounded mother of a teen gunman who allegedly killed himself after fatally shooting two people in a Maryland mall said her son showed no signs of being violent before the horrifying attack.

Another senseless and horrible crime committed by a "gunman." Yeah, maybe we can still wring a small amount of anti-gun sentiment out of this tale of low I.Q., poor impulse control and hatred of Whitey. Or just send it down the memory hole with all the others. 

Aguilar used a 12-guage shotgun to kill Brianna Benlolo, 21, and Tyler Johnson, 25, as the pair worked inside a Zumiez store on the second floor of the shopping center, Howard County police have said. 

More forgotten White victims.

Another son of Obama.

Police said they were still trying to piece together a possible motive for the shooting. 

Here's a few to try: "rejected by White woman," "generalized hatred of Whitey," or "American spiritual sickness combined with typical negro pathology." On the other hand, who cares. With no Whites to demonize the system has nothing. Let's try to destroy some White who said the "n" word instead.

Officials planned to reopen the mall about 1 p.m. Monday.

You can't mourn forever and there's shekels to be made.

The dinosaur media has about as much integrity and concern for factual reporting as a Soviet newspaper. Everything must fit the anti-White "narrative." Lies on top lies. We need to take back control and save our race.

Friday, January 24, 2014

African Rapist Loose In United Kaliphate

We need a lot more foreign immigration, we are told. Once the Third World bipeds enter our countries, we will then miracle them into responsible and civilized approximations of Whites. This plan works about as well as you'd expect, but saying anything against it is "hate" and makes brown people cry and is punishable by imprisonment if you live in the United Kaliphate, El-France or most other White western nations. The result is a slow motion crash, a leisurely occurring disaster of racial, cultural and religious displacement. The invaders bring the same failure that destroyed their home nations and promptly get to work looting and burning.

Police are following up new leads in the hunt for a fugitive wanted over a string of sex attacks on women in Leeds.

What, no independent sharia investigation?

Illegal immigrant Lamin Touray, who is suspected of assaulting at least four women in the city, has evaded capture for more than six weeks.

Another natural conservative, committing the sex attacks the White British won't. I'm surprised the African slime had to sneak in, knowing the amazing generosity of Britainistan toward alien invaders.

Police initially called for help to find Touray, a 35-year-old Gambian national, after a 21-year-old woman was assaulted in Pine Court, off The Calls in Leeds city centre, at about 5am on Sunday, December 8.

I'm sure his fellow savages will do the right thing and turn this monster in. We're all equal, right?

Living fossil raped several White women in a dying nation.

Since then three other women have come forward to report sexual assaults in the city by a man matching Touray’s description.

More hush crimes. Forgotten victims of "diversity."

Mr Morgan added: “We urgently need to trace Touray and speak to him at the earliest opportunity.

Yes, let's sit down for tea and have a nice little chat with this piece of walking shit. 

Touray is described as black, 5ft 7ins tall and of slim build.

Touray is described as resembling depictions of homo erectus from anthropology texts.

White nations must welcome every last piece of brown garbage. We must surrender our nations, our culture and our women to the dark horde. This is the evil we're up against. They're not going to win. When the collapse comes there will be a chance to fix this mess. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

White Woman Committed Suicide By Negro

We are being lied to constantly. The current truth famine is absolutely remarkable, both in its scope and depth and the apathy the average White expresses toward it. We are attached to an I.V. drip of kosher deceit and most don't even see it as a problem. The negro is our equal, we are told. We should feel guilty for who we are. And, of course, we should miscegenate. On the talmudvision it's glamorized, presented as a wonderful thing. In real life the result is blood, mayhem and death.

Mallory, 44, is facing a possible life sentence in the brutal stabbing death of a beloved Beaverdam-area woman who’d taken him into her home in late 2011 where she was raising two teenaged children.

Another "speedy trial" that will drag on and on until this animal is either given free food and housing for life or gets released to commit more crimes by an inept jury. A White woman invited this monster into her home and bed, with predictable deadly results. Went black, is not coming back.

Brutally murdered his snow hoe.

On Jan. 30, 2012, a neighbor found Sarajane Hakopian, 44, lifeless and bleeding in the Beaverdam Road home where she lived with Mallory and her two children. Hakopian had failed to turn up for her job caring for a disabled adult woman.

The end of the road for another do-gooder. Our noblest traits are used against us by our enemies, over and over. Whites care about justice, the "right thing," helping others in need. This is cynically exploited by the marxist toward the goal of White genocide.

The rocky start to the proceedings Monday followed months of pretrial delays brought on by Mallory’s successful effort last year to gain a new lawyer in the case.

In a sane nation this monster would have been put down. In a sane nation this monster never would have been present in the first place.

Of about 40 potential jurors called for possible selection, none was African-American. The 14-person panel selected to hear the case, 11 women and three men, includes two alternate jurors.

"Oy, another lynching of an innocent "African American," racist justice system, mistrial, ten years of appeals, give me shekels, etc"

Mallory, who has a long criminal record, had just purchased a bus ticket to Miami.

"Invite this into your house, White woman. Commit bestiality with it. Nothing bad will happen. You can trust me, I'm a jew."

DuBose said the jury’s racial makeup may be grounds for an appeal at a later date.

This is just going to keep dragging on. She's still dead.

The real life negro is very different than the propaganda that vomits out of the synagogue in the living room. Replace "cool, hip, soulful and not boring like Whitey" with "violent, moronic, long criminal record, full of hatred toward Whites." They have no place in White nations and attempts to violate this rule have resulted in disaster. More dead Whites. It has to stop.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Negro Terrorist Group Threatens University of Michigan, Administration Promptly Surrenders

One thing a White person will never, ever, hear from a negro is "thank you." After over a half-century of sacrificing money, jobs, blood, our cities, our institutions and our freedoms of speech and association in an ill-conceived effort to uplift this failed branch of humanity our big reward is, at best, "more needs to be done." At worst we get violence from negro terrorists. At the communist indoctrination center, not exactly a bastion of White pride, a negro hate group menaces the campus. The result? Total and complete capitulation. In six months, or a year, or at most a few years, the same complaints and the same surrender will reoccur, an endless downward spiral of bullying and cowardice that will only be broken by the inevitable collapse of the U.S.S.A.

Activists on the steps of Hill Auditorium Monday said that University of Michigan officials have seven days to meet seven demands addressing lack of diversity and inclusion at U-M or ‘physical actions’ will be taken on campus.

The negroes were promptly arrested for making terrorist threats. Haha, just kidding. That law is for Whites and Whites only.

Can you imagine what would happen if a group of White students threatened physical violence unless the communist indoctrination and White genocide was toned down a little? It wouldn't be frightened administrators promptly falling into line. It would be a prison cell.

One standard for Whites, one for the "minority." All equal, some much more so.

Speaking Monday after a speech inside the auditorium by civil rights activist Harry Belafonte, representatives of the University of Michigan Black Student Union — the group that started the Being Black at University of Michigan (#BBUM) movement in the fall — issued a set of seven demands that they see as vital to improving life for minority students on campus.

It's never enough. It's hard to imagine a worse investment than the negro.

At least we get an appropriate name for these domestic terrorists. "BUM." As in "gibs me dat" and "gots some spare change" or "I be needin' an emergency scholarship you cracka mutha fugga."

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the student speakers linked their campaign to historical efforts of the Black Action Movement, which temporarily shut down the university’s campus in 1970.

The old face of communist terror meets the new one. All that money wasted, all those special preferences and nothing has improved. Low I.Q. and a lack of future orientation brings it all to ruin.

“It’s the unfinished business of the first three fights of the Black Action Movements. I am a single voice in a sea of voices that yearns to get away from the sea of isolation on this campus.”

"There still be wite debils hee-ah and dat be makin' me angry n sheet." It looks like "diversity" isn't a strength after all, just a massive liability. Whites surrounded by brown aliens, full of hostility, angry at their "isolation." The solution is a restoration of White homelands and a quick return to Africa for this mess.

The #BBUM movement gained national attention in the fall after the hashtag trended nationally on Twitter. The university administration has responded to the efforts, helping sponsor forums for increased dialogue on issues of race on campus.

"Give the terrorist negroes whatever they want!"

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President Mary Sue Coleman unveiled a three-pronged approach that she said she hopes will help further grow the minority student presence on campus and empower those already there.

The long war against Whites continues. Wake up, White man. Their goal is our complete destruction.

“After climbing a great hill, [Nelson Mandela] once said, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. That is the work of developing a diverse inclusive campus. It is ongoing, one victory at a time, with more hills to climb,” Coleman said, speaking inside Hill Auditorium before Belafonte's talk.

Not surprising that this piece of dog shit idolizes another communist negro terrorist.

"If negotiations are not complete we will be forced to do more, beginning to increase valiantly our activism for social progress and take physical actions on the University of Michigan’s campus.”

No rule of law. A negro animal can make threats with impunity. It's rewarded with endless negro appeasement.

We demand that the university give us an equal opportunity to implement change, the change that complete restoration of the BSU purchasing power through an increased budget would obtain.

This is the "educated" 93 I.Q. negro and it still sounds like a half-retarded version of the Kenyan Queer. "Get dat change and change, nigga. We be wantin' dat paper, gnomesayin'?" Whitey will get the bill, as always.

We demand available housing on central campus for those of lower socio-economic status at a rate that students can afford, to be a part of university life, and not just on the periphery.

Who will pay for this? Yeah, that's right.

We demand an opportunity to congregate and share our experiences in a new Trotter [Multicultural Center] located on central campus.

Irony proof. "We demand we get special rights at the building recently built just for us, which wasn't nearly enough and more needs to be done."

Give us free stuff or we'll kill you, Whitey."

We demand an opportunity to be educated and to educate about America’s historical treatment and marginalization of colored groups through race and ethnicity requirements throughout all schools and colleges within the university.

"Mo' of dem fake classes fo' de affletes."

We demand the equal opportunity to succeed with emergency scholarships for black students in need of financial support, without the mental anxiety of not being able to focus on and afford the university’s academic life.

No negro must ever be allowed to feel even slightly uncomfortable, ever. Open up that wallet, honky. 

We demand an increase in black representation on this campus equal to 10 percent

Fewer Whites! Now!

The negro is incapable of gratitude. In the African all against all it's a sign of weakness and nothing more. The endless negro appeasement has only convinced the American negro that they'll get whatever they "ax" for, and they're mostly correct. Whites going to the communist indoctrination center can now look forward to higher tuition, ugly "multiculturalism" centers full of sullen, menacing negroes, and a curriculum more concerned with pushing marxism and White genocide than teaching actual employment skills. This still isn't enough, as far as the negro is concerned. 

We can't live with this failed race.We need White nations. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

United Kaliphate: Muslim Patrols, No-Go Zones, Sharia Law

I've been talking about the eroding rule of law in the U.S.S.A. a lot lately. It's a sign of the coming collapse, of the day when Whites will call the police to control rampaging "teens" and get a dial tone. As the decomposition process continues we're already seeing police apathy and "no arrests were made" negro riots. What does the future hold? As usual, we can look to the United Kaliphate, which is currently attempting to defeat El-France in the race to ruin. It's a nation of non-White colonization, helpless law enforcement and delusional future victims.

Parts of the UK are becoming no-go areas for police because minority communities are operating their own justice systems, according to the Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

This is the end game of "multi-culturalism." Nations within nations, spreading third world decay that can't be contained or combated because that would be "racist." The jihad continues while the authorities lack the will to do anything about it. Soon they'll also lack the strength.

Tom Winsor said police officers were simply never called to some neighbourhoods, where law-abiding people rather than criminals administer their own form of justice.

When Whites tried to defend their homes during the five day mohammedan riots they were immediately declared vigilantes and punished. When the same rioters annex large portions of a formerly White nation and institute their barbaric traditions they're a "law-abiding people." It's hard to get more dishonest, more cowardly.

I am reluctant to name the communities in question, but there are communities from other cultures who would prefer to police themselves.

This is the level of craven denial that Great Britainistan has reached. We can't even name the problem any more.

Honour killings, domestic violence, sexual abuse of children and female genital mutilations are some of the offences that are believed to be unreported in some cities.

The wonders of "diversity." Backward savagery, monsters in semi-human form. The Religion of Peace brings its profound sickness to White lands, courtesy of the marxist traitors within.

Last December, three members of a self-styled ‘Muslim Patrol’ vigilante group were jailed for harassing, intimidating and assaulting people in East London while claiming they were enforcing sharia law.

I'm surprised they were actually punished. Write it down, it might be the last time.

The River Tiber foaming with much blood...

‘People don’t feel they can count on their police. Instead of placing blame with ethnic minorities, we should ask what it is that is wrong with the criminal justice system.’

Clearly the pathology of islam represents a failing of our criminal justice system. Still asleep, still in a dream land. 

Although Mr Winsor did not specifically refer to any ethnic group, there have been growing concerns over the emergence of sharia courts in some Muslim communities.

Although Mr. Winsor is a careerist coward who could not care less if his country dies we were able to spot the obvious problem on our own. Great job, dinosaur media. 

‘Co-operation is particularly important for Muslim communities who have experienced a rise in Islamophobic hate crimes.’

It's always Whitey's fault, even as the jihadan scimitar bites into his neck. An incorrectly drawn not-see symbol, once, three years ago, drawn by a "minority," is not a "rise in hate crime." 

Foreign aliens creating their own nations within White countries. Helpless cowards ignoring the rot. The center cannot hold. The collapse is coming. Be ready. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Bank of Justice is Bankrupt

Today a nation currently stretched out on history's autopsy table honors a communist pervert. While the organs that were once healthy when our nation was White are removed and weighed, while the embalming fluid of lies and materialism is pumped in, the average White continues to slumber. The average White still pretends everything is fine, even as the corpse of the U.S.S.A. is prepared for the cremation oven of the coming racial all against all. In Seattle swipple Whites were parked in front of the electronic synagogue, worshiping their Africa Ball team. Whites are "having a dream," asleep in a fog of lowest common denominator kosher pacification, chemicals, careerism and willful ignorance. Meanwhile, the rule of law quietly erodes as we enter a new stage of police apathy and increasingly brazen "teen" criminals.

There have been several recent incidents of teenagers seemingly randomly attacking people in the Rainier Valley.

The same predictable negro malfunction. The same content of their character.

A woman said she was just a block from her home Monday when she was punched in the back of the head by a group of teenagers along Rainier Avenue in front of a Ethiopian church.  Then the attackers grabbed her purse and took off though the church parking lot.

"Robbery gone wrong." No race mentioned, as per policy.

Neighbors like Lee Carlson said the area may not have best reputation, but said brutal robberies of innocent people are not normal.

"Dis ain't be like de Africa all versus all, we still ain't be choppin' up pee-pole fo' am-you-lets."

“Generally if you're not involved in illegal activity, those things don't come to you,” Carlson.

Yeah, keep believing that. "I voted for Obama and feel guilty about my own race, the negro won't attack me." We've seen how wrong that thinking is countless times.

Two blocks down Rainier, outside a grocery store, another person was attacked by a group of teens two days earlier, according to police reports.  The reports show that victim was just walking home with some lemons he bought when he was attacked from behind by a group of teenagers.

The tranquilizing drug of kosher distractions.

An hour earlier police said the same teens ransacked and terrorized customers at a Rite Aid off Rainier.  Seattle police said officers aware of problems in the area but are not doing any special patrols. 
"We know things are bad in negro town, but we don't care."

In fact, the Ethiopian church's pastor said the police didn't even ask them for their surveillance video.

It's a shame, they could have seen some brown blobs running off. Still, time is precious. Stamp the "no arrests were made" stamp on the bottom of the report and send it down the memory hole.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Pathology of the American White

For the last century White nations have been targeted by a kosher, marxist plan to destroy our culture, families and religion in the name of communism. Our enemies have worked tirelessly to bring about this planned demolition, aided by the biological weapon of negroes, la-teen-ohs and other assorted non-White detritus. The current nightmare and the coming ruin represent the culmination of that plan, a victory beyond the wildest dreams of the marxist jews. This is all intentional. White genocide and the mindless, easily ruled "tan everyman" is the goal.

None of this would have succeeded without the apathy and direct aid of Whites. Our enemies are a tiny, wildly unrepresentative minority. Their foot soldiers are disorganized and moronic brown sewage. Against healthy White men they would have been powerless. Against the careerist, the materialist, the White person who has no problem letting their nation die if it means another day of cheap luxury, the communist goals can quietly gain ground.

Then there are Whites that actively cheer their own destruction, the absolute dregs of our race. They huddle in JEWdeo-christian churches, they vote for our destruction, they are full of misguided "love" for the alien but could not care less about their own White neighbor. Or their White wife and child.

Justin Carroll is the proud dad of a 6-week-old daughter in Tennessee, but thus far he's done his doting via Facetime video phone calls from Africa. Since mid-November, Carroll has been living in Congo, unwilling to leave until he gets exit papers allowing two newly adopted sons to travel with him.

There's a point where anti-White behavior passes from ignorance and apathy into full-blown malevolence. Justin Carroll crossed that border a long time ago. His sickening behavior is atypical, but represents far more Whites than it should. Granted, this "man's" behavior still represents the 99th percentile of actively betraying the White race.

However, they say that promised exit papers for the children are now being withheld pending further case-by-case reviews, and the parents don't want to leave Kinshasa without them.

We can only hope he'll be chopped up for amulets, imprisoned for witchcraft or shot dead by a child soldier. I certainly don't want to see this slime return to the U.S.S.A. with genetic waste in tow.

"Justin is not going to leave the boys," Alana Carroll said from the family's home in Jefferson City, Tenn., where she's been caring for biological daughter Carson since her birth on Nov. 25. Justin Carroll was not present for Carson's birth; he left for Africa almost a week earlier.

It's a crowded field, but this might be the worst behavior from a White "man" I've ever seen. Worship of The Other raised to lunacy, a trip to the African all against all takes precedence over being present for the birth of your White daughter. This is mental and spiritual leprosy.

"In a dire situation, we would just move there," said Alana, referring to Congo. "Leaving our sons there is not an option."

Yes. Please do that. Take a few careerists and a few of God's Favorite People with you, if it isn't too much trouble.

According to UNICEF estimates, Congo — long plagued by poverty and conflict — is home to more than 800,000 children who've lost both parents, in many cases because of AIDS.

The Heart of Darkness, long plagued by a failed race of 60 I.Q. bipeds that are incapable of self-governance.

Congolese authorities earlier attributed the suspension to concerns that some children had been abused or abandoned by their adoptive parents or have been "sold to homosexuals."

Yeah. Even the African negro is dimly aware of our spiritual sickness.

"Look at me! I'm not racist!"

The Carrolls and four other families have dubbed themselves the "Stuck In Congo Five" and created a Facebook page to draw attention to their plight. Alana and two of the other mothers also have been communicating through their blogs.

This story is making me physically ill. Bring on the cleansing fire.

Not every White can be saved. Some are so far past redemption their lives become a sickening lesson in how far we've fallen. A "man" completely destroyed by a matrix of lies. This is what I'm fighting against. This is pure evil.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Elected Criminal Rapes Woman, Gets Comically Light Sentence

The rule of law is vanishing in the U.S.S.A. The only crime that is seriously punished is Wrong Think by Whites. When that happens, the full force of the kosher system is deployed. Otherwise, forget it. Negro pack attack? Boys will be boys. Illegal Meskin invasion? Hey, we need those marxist voters and cheap tacos. Elected mystery meat commits rape and shows zero remorse? Joke sentence.

A state representative from Boston was sentenced today to serve six months in a house of correction for assaulting an Arlington woman he was dating in July 2012.

A sentence of less than one year for raping a woman. We're all equal, some more so.

A Cambridge District Court jury convicted Carlos Henriquez, a Democrat who represents Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood, on two assault and battery charges, but acquitted him of a third assault and battery charge, one count of witness intimidation, and one count of larceny under $250.

Natural conservatives...wait, it was a Democrat? Maybe this grand strategy of importing millions of brown aliens and hoping we can miracle them into responsible citizens wasn't as wise as they thought it was.

“I would call upon him again, based upon the seriousness of these convictions, that, instead of going through that [expulsion] process, that he would consider resigning from the House,” DeLeo said.

It's time they go through the [expulsion] process from White nations.

Negro/Meskin racial pot luck won't be seriously punished.

She told Henriquez from the bench that he should have ended his interactions with Gonzalves early that morning when Gonzalves told him she was not interested in having intimate relations.
A penis attached to a life support system. That's what you elected, Boston.

“When a woman tells you she doesn’t want to have sex, she doesn’t want to have sex,’’ Hogan said, adding that she was “very concerned that you’re not remorseful.’’

You could at least have the common courtesy of claiming you're "turning your life around."

Hogan sentenced Henriquez to 2½ years in the Middlesex County House of Correction, with six months to be served behind bars.

We need to make room in the "over-crowded" prison for political offenders, after all.

“This was about a relationship that had a very bad night. He had a bad night, he lost his temper,” Kesten said.

Could have happened to anyone. Well, any savage full of alien genetics and poor impulse control.

Middlesex prosecutors alleged that he picked up Gonzalves in Arlington and physically assaulted her inside the car, grabbed her cellphone, and drove into Boston, where Gonzalves jumped out of the car and got help from Boston and Northeastern University police.

More exciting Latin American/African "diversity" for all of us to bask in.

America is dead. All that remains to be decided is what will replace it. An endless "bad night" of brown pathology or the rebirth of a White nation.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Epitaphs For America

R.I.P. U.S.A...

"Does This Prove We're Not Racist?"

"Those Cheap Tacos Were Totally Worth It"

"Died So That Horrible Rich Bastards Could Become Slightly Richer"

"Now Hosting A Rich Diversity of Maggots"

"Finally Caught Up To Detroit"

"We Held A Candlelight Vigil"

"No Arrests Were Made"

"We Forgive Our Killer"

"Tombstone Made in China"

"Certified Kosher"

"No One Could Have Predicted This"

"We're Still Trying To Find The Real Killer"

 "Wow. Just Wow"

"It's [Insert Current Year] Get Over It"

"Aren't You Glad You Didn't Listen To The Racists?"

"This Nice Monument Is White Privilege"

"No, We Couldn't"

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dinosaur Media to Whites: "Please Shut Up and Die"

There is no logical argument against White Nationalism. Even our enemies, who sometimes argue that Whites are irredeemably wicked not-sees who send jews up chimneys and lynch Sun People every weekend, must concede that allowing us our own nations would solve that problem. Every other counter-argument to White self-determination boils down to lame appeals to emotion, ignorance of facts and simple anti-White hatred. They want us dead.

Because they won't win in an open marketplace of ideas, the "narrative" must be controlled. For the latter half of the disastrous jewish century, this was the case. The internet has changed the game and this is why the marxist is scrambling to try to censor it, to stifle dissent. Silence Whitey. Lie. This is all they have.

On Monday, Charlottesville, Virginia’s News and Arts Weekly shut down the comment section of its website on an article regarding a brutal incident of the so-called “Knockout Game” in the city’s mall – based on the “hateful nature” of the comments.

You can still read the "hateful" comments that were allowed, none of which mention race as a contributing factor to this crime or in any way step outside the bounds of polite discourse. Most express disappointment that appalling crimes like this are now common in the U.S.S.A., while others advise Whites to be armed and vigilant. Trying to stop White genocide by frankly discussing the real world is "hate."

The article itself reported on victim Jeanne Doucette and her boyfriend Marc Adams being pummeled into unconsciousness by a group of three black males.

Another violent hush crime. Get it into the memory hole, suppress discussion. Watch your Africa Ball Whitey, it's super important to root for the negroes in blue to beat the negroes in red.

"Both victims wondered whether the episode was an example of the so-called “knock-out game,” in which assailants randomly strike an innocent passerby with the goal of rendering them unconscious."

According to the dinosaur media that particular well-documented bit of negro pathology is just our imagination so they must be mistaken.

The post, which was linked by the Drudge Report, quickly went viral, spurring commenters to post messages about the knockout game and the incident. The editor-in-chief for the site, Giles Morris, warned commenters that their posts could be deleted.

"Stop offending me with reality and hate facts!"

"Dear Readers, This is a local news story about an alleged assault that occurred on our Downtown Mall. Please do not use this comment stream as a forum for social diatribes, for racist ranging, or for expressing anger. We will delete you."

"Please do not use your free speech to express ungood opinions. Please stay silent. Please die."

The blurry face of the racial enemy.

After one commenter responded with a quote from George Orwell – “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” – Morris shut down the thread. He wrote, “This comment stream has been closed due to the hateful nature of the discussion the story generated. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

We are the dead.

This is why I started this blog. I was sick of the lies, the censorship, the endless anti-White agenda. We need to get the truth out there, to keep hammering the dinosaur media until it becomes extinct. Our survival is at stake.

Monday, January 13, 2014

"Smack Cam" Attack Results in Police Apathy

We live in a nation where Whites are "randomly" targeted by shit-colored garbage, an undeclared one-sided race war that has been ignored by everyone in position to do something about it, from the dinosaur media to our criminal government. The rule of law has eroded to the point where the negro has no fear of punishment. At worst they might get a short trip to the coal black "crib," while it's more likely a "boys will be boys" defense will be accepted resulting in little, if any, punishment. This, combined with the natural antipathy the "African American" feels towards Whites, a hatred birthed from bitter jealousy, is leading to a critical mass. This summer might see open warfare in the streets.

Meanwhile, everyone keeps lying and denying. Hey, did you see the Africa Ball? That mulatto sure can run.

Rochester New York police are characterizing the brazen attack of an elderly woman as harassment rather than what it appears to be — another example of the hotly-debated “knockout game.”

A premeditated, racially motivated assault on an elderly, defenseless White victim is "harassment." We only care if the victim is more equal.

The attacker, a young black male who operated a Facebook account under the name “True Goon Tocool Sneekey”, narrated his plan for the camera.

This is the end product of kosher Democracy. Mr. Sneekey is unleashed on White nation that has lost the will to fight back.

“True Goon”, who according to his now-deleted Facebook account attends John Marshall High School in Rochester, grabbed a snowball from the ground saying, “I’m about to smack the old lady with the snowball when she come out the store.”

Well, there's your premeditation. But who cares, right, it's just some old White woman who needs to die so we can get a more vibrant "diverse" nation.

This is what Democracy looks like.

“True Goon” proceeded to dance and shimmy for the camera as his friends laughed.

The content of their character.

But the teen didn’t use the snowball. Instead, “True Goon” slung a left-handed haymaker into the woman’s face. After the vicious hit, the woman, looking bewildered, grabbed the side of her head. She remained standing though, meaning that “True Goon” did not win that day’s Knockout Game.

Another incident that must be a collective hallucination, because the kosher wire-pullers want us to believe this sort of thing isn't real. Ignore your lying eyes, Whitey.

“Smack cam!” screamed the videographer five times after the punch was landed.

We let these animals vote in elections. 

The young men scrambled away from the scene. “Oh shit, let me get the fuck out of here,” said the young man controlling the camera. “She gonna call the cops,” he said in a celebratory rather than a fearful tone.

No fear of punishment for this savage attack. 

Correia told The Democrat & Chronicle that the attack did not seem to resemble the “Knockout Game” but that she agreed that the video was disturbing.

Nope, nothing like that. Go back to sleep, please.

The Daily Caller News Foundation followed up with Correia. “At this time there are no updates,” she said.

"No arrests were made."

Another sickening glimpse into the mind of the alien garbage that shares our living space. The police don't care. This story will be sent into the memory hole as quickly as possible. The rot continues to spread.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Negro Murders White Host At Africa Ball Party

Professional Sports are a jew-controlled weapon used against Whites. It drains our money, time and passions, insuring a population of slumbering Whites who get very excited about "their team" of identical looking and behaving negroes while remaining completely ignorant of even the basic political realities. Energy that should be channeled toward securing our survival is wasted on worshiping negroes, rooting for red against blue, enriching the jew and sometimes creating situations that prove fatal.

Televised sports create the myth of the "good negro" that is eagerly swallowed by the same sort of Whites who think voting for a mulatto will buy better negro behavior. Then reality steps in.

A Jacksonville man has been charged in the baseball bat beating death of another man over barbecue and how it was being portioned.

No race mentioned. The victim was White, the killer was a negro.

Alvin Kenneth “Chico” Welch Jr., 35, was arrested about 2 a.m. Wednesday

Invite this thing into your house, Whitey. What could go wrong?

Welch is charged in the death of Joshua Andrew Heinz, 31, who was hit with a baseball bat at the end of a night of watching football at his house in the 11000 block of North Sante Fe Street, police said.

Watching Africa ball on the electronic synagogue gone wrong. A man shows hospitality toward a negro and is murdered. Our nations give them hand-outs, preferences, endless excuses for their pathology and more rights than any White. In return they're killing our countries.

Fattened by your hand-outs, provoked to murder by your kindness.

Witnesses told police Welch was cutting meat for a take-home plate when he got into an argument late Saturday with Heinz over how the meat was being sliced, said Assistant Chief Chris Butler.

The content of their character.

The argument escalated and Heinz was hit with the bat and later died from the injuries. Welch fled, Butler said.

Another forgotten victim of the long war against Whites.

He said Welch and Heinz were acquaintances who had seen one another three to five times.

Based on what he saw on the telavivision he believed it was safe to invite an 85 I.Q. alien into his house. He paid for that mistake with his life.

Turn off the electronic toilet. Avoid the negro. Be armed. Stop wasting time on kosher distractions. Our future depends on it.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dying White Woman Robbed By Negro Animals

Whites care about justice, about doing what's right in spite of any consequences, about trying to make the world a better place for everyone in it. Along with our creative genius and aesthetic sense this is our most divergent trait when compared to the other races. The jew is the "light of the world" and g*d's best friend, destined to rule over thousands of "gentile" slaves. The may-hee-can is a two-legged locust, looting the U.S.S.A. and spreading filth and disease. Then there's the negro and its predictable all against all mentality. Someone is having a brain aneurysm and needs help? If you're a negro the first thought that flashes through your pea brain is time for yet another "robbery gone wrong."

On Sunday, December 29, 43-year-old Danielle Zimmerman suffered a brain aneurysm after she pulled into the parking lot of Taco Bell in the 3700 block of East Harry. As she lay unconscious in her SUV, her purse, iPhone and wedding ring were stolen. She died at a local hospital the next day.

For some reason this particular Zimmerman story did not become national news. A dying White woman robbed by negro garbage. A dying White nation destroyed.

Quanique Dontrell Thomas-Hameen was booked for robbery, failure to appear and driving while suspended. Daquantrius Shaquill Johnson was booked for robbery, possession of a firearm and probation violation.

These animals should be put down.

Yesterday, a third suspect showed up to turn himself in on a probation violation. Keith Byron Hickels Jr., 19, was then arrested on robbery charges.

Genetic aliens with criminal records a mile long repeatedly released from "over-crowded" prisons. We're forced to live with this walking dog shit and the eroding rule of law insures they'll only become more emboldened in their pathology.

Quanique Dontrell Thomas-Hameen, Daquantrius Shaquill Johnson and Keith Byron Hickels Jr., all 19 years old, made their first appearance this afternoon in Sedgwick County district court.

The raw material for building a healthy democracy.

Soulless eyes full of nothing. Look at these animals. These things aren't human.

All three were charged with one count or robbery, and bond was set at $200,000 for each.

Expect a short trip to the "over-crowded" "crib" followed by an early release and more of the same criminality. 

This is the content of their character, the anti-soul of this failed race full of foreign genetic material. Pretending they were equal to Whites or even compatible with the very modest requirements of White civilization was the folly of our time. We can either remove them or descend into an African all against all where the sick and dying are preyed upon instead of aided.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Negro "Pattern Assualts" Hit Denver

In today's U.S.S.A. Whites exist to pay taxes that are used to fund our own destruction and to serve as free range cattle to be preyed upon by brown criminals. That's it. Pay and die. Our government consistently goes against our wishes, our educational system lies about our history, the kosher entertainment portrays us as clowns and devils. Noticing this is evil. The slouch to the grave continues for many Whites.

It's a new year, but it started with more of the same. Negro polar bear hunting. Media silence. Lies on top of lies.

The parents of one Denver man think their son was the victim of a dangerous online trend called the “knockout” game.

Well that can't be because the marxist media has assured us it doesn't exist. It's just "random street assaults." Nothing to see here, go back to sleep. Oh, and pay those taxes and watch that Africa ball on the electronic synagogue.

He suffered five broken bones in his face in a brutal attack in downtown Denver New Year’s Eve.

Another forgotten victim of the undeclared one-sided race war.

Denver Police are investigating the case as a part of what detectives are calling pattern assaults in downtown New Year’s Eve.

Yeah, there's a "pattern" all right. Here's a hint: it's racial.

There were four assaults, all random, in the same area. Denver Police say the victims were knocked out. Robbery was not a motive in any of the assaults.

No mention of the race of the negro criminals, as per orders from big jew.

Attacked for being White.

Nick Lloyd believes he’s lucky that he is still alive, even though he has five fractures in his face. “Broken jaw on both sides, my left ocular socket here is broken, the bone over here by my left temple is broken, and then right here…” he says as he points to the side of his nose.

This is why you need to be armed and aware of your surroundings. Avoid the negro. Don't become the next hush crime victim.

Denver Police are investigating and told the Lloyds they hope surveillance cameras or web postings of video will lead to suspects.

"Based on the high-quality footage we are looking for several brown blobs."

His parents say no one stopped to help Nick, who was driven to the hospital by a friend’s mother.

"The la-a-a-a-and of...the...feeeeeee...and the home...of the...slaveeeee."

No jews were involved so the mainstream media and our criminal government doesn't care. Just another forgotten White victim of the same predictable negro failure. The day of collapse inches closer, with the slow inevitability of an advancing glacier. We need to be ready for that day.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

AA Negro Police Chief to Fix Detroit All Against All

If it works in Maine it should work in Detroit, too. After all, there's no such thing as race, at least when it comes to crime. Hiring, education, putting more brown faces on the talmudvision, then it exists. Not anywhere else, despite massive evidence to the contrary. It therefore follows that what works in a White area will also be effective in a negro zoo. More guns in brown paws. That's the answer.

Detroit’s police chief has a solution to help drive down crime in one of the nation’s most dangerous cities: arm more citizens.

Gun control is goyim control. Like sodomy, feminism, materialism, "we all equal" and the other manifestations of Frankfurt School theory it's intended only for Whites. Arming 85 I.Q. "citizens" who have a bad habit of shooting each other over Kool Aid is good. White self-defense is bad. 

It's hard to believe there are any Detroit negroes that aren't already armed, based on crime statistics. Only Whites think that making themselves as defenseless as possible is a good survival strategy.

“I changed my orientation real quick,” Craig said. “Maine is one of the safest places in America. Clearly, suspects knew that good Americans were armed.”

An unqualified negro hire changes its orientation. After this bizarre down-low language it then ignores racial reality. There's another big reason Maine is safe and Detroit isn't. A reason that must never be addressed, ever. We're not equal.

"We need more armed negroes, gnomesayin'."

However, in the past, Craig has called for a ban on assault weapons, regulating high-capacity magazines, tighter restrictions on internet ammunition sales and more stringent background checks for firearm sales at gun shows, the Detroit News said.

This all targets normal White America, so it's fine.

Authorities added that there were 1,161 non-fatal shootings in the city, an 8 percent drop from 2012, along with decreases in aggravated assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, carjackings, burglaries and stolen vehicles. Larcenies rose, however.

Today in the desert wasteland it was only 110 degrees, down significantly from yesterday's 118! There was a sandstorm, however.

This is either Detroit or Maine. Try to guess which one.

Despite the drop, Detroit still recorded as many homicides as New York City – despite having a population that's less than one-tenth the size of the Big Apple, the Free Press reported. 

Arm the negro criminals to prevent crime. The latest great idea from a dead city, a city destroyed by a biological plague of genetic and cultural aliens. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

White Woman Tries to Help Negro With Predictable Results

As a whole there is no racial group that is more generous, altruistic, concerned about justice and "doing the right thing" than Whites. In fact, these traits are almost completely absent in other races. Caring about others and wanting the world to be "fair" has allowed us to build a civilization that is the envy of the rest of the world and create a standard of living far above the African all against all, the la-teen-oh sewer or the Oriental ant farm. It's also left us vulnerable to our enemies. The basic goodness of Whites has been repeatedly exploited in the last century and we now live with the results.

This kindness is considered weakness by a brown horde that cares only about their own self-interests. Both at the national level and at the personal level.

A 26-year-old Florida woman may never walk again after her kind gesture to offer a stranger a ride to the hospital turned into a nightmare attack that has ruined her life.

 Ignore genetic determinism and racial reality at your own peril.

Ms Schlinger says she fought back and escaped with her life, but two spinal surgeries later, she still can't use her right arm or walk on her own. And since she's uninsured, she already owes one hospital $250,000 and is about to be kicked out of a third.

The human cost of "diversity."

She was smoking a cigarette in the car at the nearby Quality Inn around 4am when she was approached by 23-year-old Michael Antwon Fuller who asked her for a cigarette and the two started talking about their relatives in the hospital.

When you see a negro approaching at 4 am, prime time for criminal behavior, it's time to go for that concealed carry. At at minimum, get out of there. Does this even need to be said? It seems some Whites have been indoctrinated by Big Jew to the point where they don't even have the most basic survival instincts.

Fuller told her he was worried about his uncle at the hospital and wondered if she wouldn’t mind driving him up there so he could see him. ‘Yeah I’ll give you a ride if you promise not to hurt me,’ she joked, agreeing to drive him since the hospital was only four minutes away and Fuller was clean cut, well-spoken and well dressed.

She thought she was encountering the mythical "one good one" that's depicted in kosher fiction on the electronic synagogue. She was wrong.

‘Who could hurt that precious face?’  Ms Schlinger recalls him responding.

So smooth and cool, just like all those doctor and lawyer negroes on the telavivision. What could go wrong?

From there the road went pitch black and when Ms Schlinger turned to tell him she didn’t think there was another entrance, he allegedly hit her face with the mouth of his gun.

The same predictable dysfunction.

Criminal negro dog shit raped a White woman.

Outside of the car, she says he pointed his gun at her and forced her to perform oral sex.

The content of their character. These animals have no place in White nations.

‘I kept begging him not to rape me,’ she said. Hoping to save herself, she offered to drive him to an ATM and give him all the money in her bank account.

Our national policy of negro appeasement in miniature. We'll pay and pay and hope that somehow makes the genetic and cultural alien behave itself. White nations are an ATM for the negro. Then they turn around and rape our women.

According to Ms Schlinger, Fuller tried to stop her, continuing to hit her on the head with his pistol before moving over onto her lap to try to control the car but she successfully propelled the car into a tree, totalling the 8,000 Dodge Durango she just paid off.

This is what Democracy looks like.

Fuller was arrested and is facing charges of kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct, unlawful carrying of a pistol and possession of a weapon with the commission of a crime.

Expect an appallingly lenient sentence. After all, rule of law is "races" and our prisons are "over-crowded," in case you'd forgotten.

'It's been awful. It's been the most painful, traumatic experience of my life. The man ruined my life,' she said.

There will be no special laws, no marches, no calls for justice or presidential speeches. Another life ruined. Don't become the next victim. Be armed. Avoid the negro areas. 

She hasn’t gotten the bill from the Aiken hospital yet, but the total for MCG is already 250,000.

I guess the Obummer Care doesn't cover this sort of thing.

The American negro male is at least seven times more likely to commit a crime of violence than a White or Asian. Even that number is probably low, as brown criminals magically become White on police reports. The negro is dangerous. Until it can be removed, we have to protect ourselves.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Marxist Finds Too Many Whites On Kanadian Talmudvision

"Diversity" now means eliminating Whites and replacing them with identical looking and behaving brown hominids. A dark sea of aspiring (c)rappers is diverse, while a White nation, rich in different opinions and personalities, is not. The destruction of Whites is the only goal behind calls for more "diversity." It's become so transparently obvious that the enemy isn't even attempting to hide their true agenda any more. They want Whites marginalized and then eliminated via a combination of direct violence, childless careerism, sodomy and miscegenation.

In communist-ruled Kanada marxists are working hard to change the Great White North into the not-so-great northern Somalia. They're angry about the the pale faces on the electronic synagogue.

A study of Canadian television advertising has found that whites are over-represented in commercials and racial stereotypes tend to be perpetuated where visible minorities appear.

Spend some time around "visible minorities" and you'll quickly discover that the 85 I.Q. and poor impulse control is a statistic, not a "stereotype." Negro behavior is nearly monolithic in its predictable failures.

Research by University of Toronto sociology professor Shyon Baumann examined 244 prime-time, food-related ads that ran on CBC, CTV and Global in 2008 and 2009.

Don't worry Kanadians, your tax dollars paid for this anti-White nonsense.

He found that 87 per cent of the characters depicted were white, while only 80 per cent of Canadians are Caucasian.

A seven percent over-representation is cause for alarm, apparently. Cultural Marxism is simply a parody of itself. Meanwhile, back in the U.S.S.A. negroes are only 13% of the population but every other face on the Telavivision is brown. That's not a problem, of course, because diversity simply means fewer Whites.

Black people were more commonly associated with low incomes and low social status – working the factory floor, for example — while East and Southeast Asians tended to be depicted as unemotional, robotic "Asian technocrats," the study found.

We are deeply offended by reality.

Visible minority characters were heavily represented in ads for fast food.

It's almost like the evil capitalist is tailoring their message to the most likely consumers! Evil!

They also were associated with nostalgia for the past, natural foods, high-brow food products, and nuclear family, implying white people had “healthy families.”

We're working hard to change that with feminism, the sodomite agenda, materialism, etc.

Baumann said he didn’t think there was a business rationale for using so many white characters in advertising as many marketers are not basing the ad on market research, but on a perception of who might use their product.

A communist tries to understand the free market and is about as successful as you'd expect.

“The media does have the power to shape our ideas about who people are. The media can reinforce cultural values that are already out there, so when we see commercials that feature characters that we are not used to seeing  — a black family eating at a restaurant rather than a white family — little by little if we are exposed to those ideas over time, it broadens the idea of what is normal,” Baumann said.

We'll wish away genetic determinism with endless lies.

Full Story.

There can never be too few Whites, only too many. This is the message coming from the communist indoctrination center, the dinosaur media and our criminal government. They want us dead. We can't allow it to happen. We need to wake up and get organized. Start by turning off the glass toilet.