Monday, December 18, 2017

White Jury: Criminal Mexican Invader is the Real Victim

Being "nice" and "doing the right thing," as defined by the demands of international financiers and globalist plutocrat jews, is more important than our survival. You might get called names. Also, think of the amazing rush of sanctimony you'll get, a rare commodity now that we've ash-canned our traditions and our ties to our own people. Yes, doing some petty and idiotic favor for a "minority" is now the highest remaining calling for a dying race, a chance to touch the very face of g*d before plummeting into the abyss. This is our big chance to show how "good" we are, before our rotting remains become a banquet for vermin.

A Virginia woman was outraged after the maid she hired stole $5,000 worth of jewelry from her home and then the jury chipped in to pay for the woman’s fine after convicting her of theft.

The "racist" justice system does it again. While our enemies practice jury nullification and laugh at dead White women killed by enemygrants, White cucks are eager to make excuses for a worthless foreign opportunist here for better theft.

Sandra Mendez Ortega, 19, who is in the country illegally, was convicted of felony grand larceny for stealing three rings on Dec. 8 by a jury at Fairfax County court. Instead of jail time, the jury sentenced her to a $60 fine.

A natural conservative takes advantage of our weakness and cowardice, strolling across an open border. How's that tax bill coming along, Mr. President? It's really important. Undocumented jewelry finds a new, better home. No human being is illegal. We need more fucking greasers in our dying land. The may-hee-can sticky fingers act is followed by a joke sentence and even that abortion won't be enforced. This is the pathology of the American White.

A sympathetic jury for the teenager, who is pregnant with her second child, and pulled together $80 to pay for the fine after they convicted her. 

A la-teen-oh invader already has two children before the age of twenty. By meskin standards this counts as responsible family planning. Every new birth by the invading brown horde is an act of war against Whites. Meanwhile, childless Whites arrive at a wise decision. We could never punish all these mud world criminals colonizing our ancestral homelands. Here, let me pay your fine. My cucktian church that I attend once a year (almost time again!) said we should be nice to people. This delusional and sickening treacle will be my epitaph, assuming I'm not dumped into an unmarked mass grave.

Jury foreman Jeffrey Memmott told The Washington Post the jurors felt sympathy for the woman who testified she dropped out of school after sixth grade, had one child and was pregnant with another but was not employed. 

You have to wonder how many Whites can be saved and how many are simply beyond redemption. "Sorry I sunk my fangs in you," explains the viper through a poisonous leer. "I'm not educated and I've got a giant clutch of eggs under a rock. I'm sure you understand."

Criminal invader stole from employer, but look at those sad eyes.

“The general sentiment was she was a victim, too,” Memmott said. “Two of the women (jurors) were crying because of how bad they felt. One lady pulled out a $20 bill, and just about everybody chipped in.”  
I'm not sure how "I got a job and then robbed my benefactor" makes you a "victim," but we all know better than to expect any gratitude from the columns of invading inferiors, so let's pretend this worthless turd thinks like we do and will somehow be reformed by this staggering betrayal of the rule of the law.

Memmott said he contacted the case’s public defender and went to the former maid’s home to give her $80, more than enough to pay her $60 fine. 

You can even make a modest profit from your "punishment." Eyyyy, I can't believe deees dummm gringos.

“Justice had to be done,” Janice Woolridge, a juror, told The Washington Post. “But there’s also got to be some compassion somewhere. Young people make bad decisions. We just couldn’t pile on any more.”

“I was outraged,” Copeland said. “I was just flabbergasted. I didn’t think $60 equated to the crime at all.”  

Well, you have to remember that the enemy army's approval is more important than silly things like protecting property rights. I'm sure this larcenous and eternally pregnant scumbag will become a model consumer and bar code (we're certainly not going to deport this illegal alien) now that we've demonstrated our complete refusal to punish its destructive behavior.

Copeland called Fairfax City police who questioned the three housekeepers – including Mendez Ortega – who cleaned Copeland’s home and they all denied wrongdoing.

They dindu nada.

Police also had the young woman write the Copeland’s a letter of apology. Copeland said she has never seen the apology and the former maid never said sorry to her in person.

One thing you'll never hear from some poor wretched refuse fleeing the nation their own collective sickness destroyed is "thank you." "I'm sorry," is even less likely, but trust me, there was a formal apology letter written in perfect English.

Copeland said she felt the jury should have been told these facts.

Naw, it's better to use your hysterical emotions, instilled by a lifetime of talmudvision indoctrination, to decide these matters.

“It really irritates me that she came here and committed a felony,” Jeff Copeland told The Washington Post. “People are coming here because there is opportunity here. But when they come here and commit crimes, that’s where you’ve got to draw the line.” 

Sounds like "racism" to me. And you were doing so well: hiring illegals to cheat the system, making excuses for your own treasonous behavior and assisting in America's demographic destruction from the safety of wealth and luxury. Now look at you. Shame. Shame.

Lisa Copeland said she was “amazed” the jury did not want to convict Mendez Ortega although she confessed.

Yeah. I was surprised, too. Who could have predicted this?

Speaking through an interpreter, she said she was “happy” following her sentencing.

Wow. That alone makes it all worth it. Look at the smile on the snake I brought in. The room is spinning. The ground is rushing up to greet me. Darkness closes in from all sides.

Full Story.

Now available in Virginia.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Poland: Our Jewish Brothers

Europe's Visegrad countries have been the source of most of the optimistic news from an otherwise rapidly dying continent, but as usual the merchant is hard at work to change this and has somehow risen to leadership in Poland. Now all that remains is determining how much of a disaster this is and how much damage the demonic alien can do to a healthy White nation. The nightmare of jewish communism has made the East resistant to the more outrageous kosher attacks, but here we are, handing another nation over to the wandering outsider, the enemy within, the devil with a thousand masks and a horrible bargain for every last goyim.

In his first speech as Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki said that non-Jewish Poles who saved their “Jewish brothers” during the Holocaust represent the “essence of what it means to be Polish.”

Helping the hostile alien is the very essence of who we are. We bring in poisonous snakes from the cold; we're very proud of this. I can't wait to see how much praise this will earn me in my unmarked grave.

Morawiecki, a former banker who in September spoke about his Jewish roots – two of his aunts are Jewish — in a speech about rescuers of Jews in Warsaw, presented his inaugural address Tuesday to the parliament.

A jew in banking? I know, I was surprised, too. I guess the good news is this rootless cosmopolitan appears to be some sort of mischling and not a full-blooded tribesman. The bad news is literally everything else about this situation.

Morawiecki, who was the finance minister before his promotion in a surprising reshuffle in the government of the right-wing ruling Law and Justice Party, spoke mostly about the economy and foreign relations.

Yeah. "Surprising" is definitely one way to describe this sudden shift away from common sense nationalism toward semitic delusion. "What the fuck, Poland?" is another more direct assessment.

Trust me, I'm a part-jew bastard.

But in speaking about the national identity, he said: “The deep community dimension is inscribed in our tradition: Assistance to people in flight, Żegota saving our Jewish brothers and Solidarity. This is real proof of what Polishness is and what the community is.”

To translate this verbal flatulence into plain speaking: You can expect lots of rapefugee invasion now that g*d's chosen are in control again.

Morawiecki, who was not even a member of Law and Justice two years ago, joined the government as minister for economic development in 2015 before adding the post of finance minister last year.

Don't worry unclean meat, I mean friends, I'm definitely one of you. I support the law and justice and all of that. Now, let's see how many Somalis we can jam into Krakow.

His Jewish roots were known in Poland. Morawiecki spoke about it in some detail earlier this year at a ceremony at the Warsaw Zoo honoring a former zoo director and his wife, Jan and Antonina Żabiński, who saved hundreds of Jews there, and other rescuers.

You should have known not to trust me. You knew I was a jew.

Polish non-Jews killed at least 1,500 Jews in a series of pogroms during and directly after the Holocaust, according to the Polish chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich.

The precious one thousand five hundred lost in the holohoax. Your nation must be destroyed because of this.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Muh Democracy: The Stampede to Lead South Africa

Attempting to control the natural destructive tendencies of the negro is bad, whether it be by police work, a court, or a national policy of separation. Common sense measures to minimize the damage caused by obvious inferiors are "racist" and the best solution is to remove the remaining protections against the content of their character and let them run wild. Just ask any jew, they'll tell you. By the time everything is burning and political murders are as common as a rainy day, the same kosher media that breathlessly reported the heroism of a marxist terrorist will be long gone. Your dead country is no longer world news, there's no more propaganda points to score, you are now a curiosity for the "Where are they now?" file.

Where you are now is an African hell, an endless nightmare from which there will be no awakening. When Whites are gone, when hope is gone, when the rudiments of civilization collapse, there's nothing left but the same backward and moronic savagery we tried to control and were declared irredeemably evil for doing so. All progress has been erased, the tolerant benefactors hacked to pieces with machetes, but at least we're not being called names by the same jewish enemy now laughing at our destruction.

Hundreds of ANC officials in South Africa have been murdered by fellow party members during campaigning for elected positions in a situation which one provincial leader has described as a “a stampede to lead”—but which is in fact just a typically Third World phenomenon of a violent struggle to gain access to the public purse for personal profit.

Soon the remaining vestiges of a civilized Democratic nation will be completely stripped away and we'll have warlords and child soldiers and endless, senseless all against all, just like every other nation, if they can even be called as such, in sub-Saharan Africa. In a few more years no one would ever guess that Whites once ruled here as the living fossils beg for the return of ones they slaughtered, screaming "We dyin' hee-ah" through blood-soaked teeth. Civilization is fragile, chaos and violence is the natural state of the negro and they will quickly return there when the "bigots" are dead or fled.

As recently reported in the far left Guardian newspaper, the murder of ANC rising star Sindiso Magaqa in KwaZulu Natal (KZN) is “symptomatic of wider problem as political corruption scandals take their toll” in South Africa.

It's symptomatic of a wider problem of a 60 I.Q. average, a lack of future time orientation, an inability to connect basic cause and effect relationships, heightened aggression, diminished executive functions in a tiny frontal lobe, etc.

Hope and change.

According to that report, Magaqa, a former leader of the ANC’s youth wing, was gunned down in a machine gun attack—one of more than 80 such murders in KZN alone. All the victims have been ANC members.

The regularity of machine gun attacks on our corrupt leadership is a small price to pay to win the battle against "racism." When we're left with a smoking crater everyone is sure to marvel at our wisdom and basic goodness. This is far more important than stopping open tribal warfare.

The murders were “a phenomenon within the ANC”, Senzo Mchunu, former ANC Premier of KZN, was quoted as saying.

It's really something. No explanation for why poorly-formed communist simians are fighting for the chance to rule over ruins readily springs to mind.

Dis bee wat I doo to poe-lit-ick-all nem-en-nees, bee-atch.

Xolani Dube, a researcher at the Xubera Institute in Durban, the biggest city in KZN, told the Guardian that the deaths are the result of “feuds, resources and tradition. These are corruption killings, not political killings,” Dube said.

Well, that's a relief. It's just staggering corruption causing the jungle battles, not any disagreement over basic political ideology (Kill Whitey, muh dikk, more communism). This is the exciting and vibrant "tradition" of the Heart of Darkness. How many million should we put you down for, Minnesota?

The murders are so rampant that the KZN government even set up a “commission” to investigate the killings.

The Truth, Reconciliation and Nigga Bodies (Ah! Ah!) Commission.

Only a handful of police inquiries into the several hundred political killings in KZN over the last several years have ended with an arrest, let alone a conviction, the Guardian added.

No arrests were made, random isolated incident, election campaign gone wrong, good politician turning his life around, I think we all know the words to this song.

Don't blame me, I voted for Magaqa.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Minnesota Town Annexed by Somalia, Legacy Residents Unhappy

We need a lot more of the worst available Africans. How about some Somalis? If we move the 60 I.Q. terrorists and pirates into the Whitest remaining areas they're definitely going to overcome their staggering genetic limitations and start behaving like good little consumerist bar codes in our globalist bazaar. A creature that is, at best, partly human, is the solution for the "lack of people" problem facing a nation of only 300 million-plus bipeds. If you have a problem with this, you're a "racist" and need to be punished so we can display our affected virtue before the darkness completely falls and we're killed and eaten by the worthless poorly-formed dark monsters we invited in a staggering display of weakness and suicidal mania.

Ron Christianson wasn't at last Monday night's Willmar City Council meeting. 

As a thought criminal he's now an unperson who doesn't exist and never did, so of course he wasn't there.

But Christianson's name and past deeds dominated the proceedings. At issue: The council member, now in his sixth term, had apparently been caught "liking" offensive content on Facebook, including negative -- and, let's just take a wild guess: fake -- stories about immigrants and minorities.

The puritans of our modern world, the jews and their useful idiots. You were caught on jewbook "liking" honest - and let's take a wild guess: completely accurate - stories about enemygrants, rapefugees and racial inferiors. For noticing an obvious reality you must be destroyed. We all know the Somali is an intelligent, clean, hard-working and thoroughly lovable addition to our kosher salad dish and any dissenting opinion is motivated by "hate."

As outlined by Ben Larson, a member of the Willmar Human Rights Commission, "Ron [Christianson] hit the 'like' button on posts that talked about Somali and Mexican immigrants having lower IQs, being crime- and filth-ridden, and he also showed support for a post that talked about Somali and Muslim people wanting us dead."  

Every bit of this is indisputable truth, but we have a jewish agenda of White genocide to promote here. 2 + 2 = 5. That's all you have to do to keep your little council seat while everything outside burns: lie to others and lie to yourself. Somehow you couldn't manage that. Now you're gone.

They would never hurt you.

Larson, who testified first during an open forum to discuss Christianson's socail media conduct, said Christianson's wife had told him "Ron is not a racist." To prove that, Larson said, the council member should "denounce those posts, say that they were wrong," and "ask for forgiveness from the public," adding: "I think he should resign if he can't do that.

A meeting of liberals and cucks in Sweden: The State becomes a Maoist struggle session. He'll grovel in front of you, beg for forgiveness, denounce anything and everything. He'll learn to love Big jew. I'm not a "racist!" Do it to Julia, not to me!

Larson was the first of five citizens to speak on the record for or against Christianson, as documented in the video below, each speaker slightly zanier than the last.

Those zany Whites and the goofball conversations they have while they're being demographically annihilated, let me tell you! Haw, haw, haw!

John Burns spoke in opposition to Christianson's Facebook activity, saying it harks back to a time when his Irish ancestors were discriminated against as immigrants.

Because a White Irishman and a malformed failed branch of humanity that carries foreign DNA, has the mind a demonic child and worships a stone cube are completely indistinguishable. It's hard to imagine a more dishonest argument in favor of turning over your state to evolutionary dead-ends.

"I'm tired of them Somalians too, in this town," said citizen Joe Fernkes, beginning a run of public testimony that literally dropped the jaw of a young woman watching in the audience behind him. 

My jaw is literally dropping. This is Current Year. Wow. Just wow. I can't even.

They're taking over the whole damn town. Downtown Willmar, beautiful downtown Willmar? My rear end. You guys gotta get your blinders off, gotta quit squintin' your eyes. You gotta start figuring this stuff out. They're chasin' girls down, chasin' blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls down, three, four Somalians at a time, chasin' em down, callin' em every name in the book. They take, in Walmart, they take a dump in the aisle, the women do, and then they walk away. They do it at the clinics. I've seen this, I've witnessed it, and stuff, you know. They're very offending." 

There are still a few Whites in Minnesota who haven't bowed down to the semitic Ba'al.

A real American hero addresses the Minnesota zoo.

Then Fernkes, blaming the Somali presence, helpfully gives a list of places he "won't go" anymore. So, if you have to be in Willmar sometime... maybe just stick to those places?

Yeah, didn't that occur to you, you wicked "racist?" Just stay in a constantly shrinking number of non-ruined areas while the jew hunts down every last White with endless invasions of dangerous and moronic humanoids. Checkmate, bigot.

The West Central Tribune reports one person in attendance made a "rude gesture" toward another, and the council meeting was recessed to maintain calm after some people started "speaking loudly" in the hallway.

When the Saxon began to talk loudly.

Obviously false attacks on immigrants from the far-right extremists at CNN.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Muh Hanukkah

Jewish communism is not going to gain any traction in a spiritually healthy nation. Before the nation-wrecking merchant can peddle its horrible devil's bargain it must attack the traditions and faith that act as an immune system against the kosher virus. In light of this reality, it's unbelievably heartening to hear President Trump talk about the birth of Christ and condemn materialism and personal atomization at a Christmas Tree lighting. Meanwhile, in the not-so-great and increasingly less White North, the semitic termites continue to devour the foundations.

The Vancouver School Board has apologized to two Jewish 6th grade girls and their families after their principal prohibited them from bringing Hanukkah symbols into their public school — even though Christmas decorations already decked school halls.

Time to grovel before the enemy within. Sorry demons, we'll let you put up your satanic symbols honoring the slaughter of gentiles. The fact that you want to kill or enslave the rest of humanity is deeply spiritual and deserves special protection. We're so sorry. Allowing this tyranny of the minority shows how progressive we are, until the day we become the hated minority and are then completely annihilated by the faceless brown hordes.

Last week, Maya Sontz and Rebecca Weinberg and their parents turned to the media after the girls’ requests to set up a Hanukkah display alongside General Gordon Elementary‘s Christmas decorations were denied by the school’s administration.

The powerless and humble religious jew, persecuted without reason, lacking any resource to fight back, full of noble goodness, disdaining material gain and affected displays of false piety, g*d's favorites. The kosher media machine springs into action, hammering an elementary school into the dust. Another inspiring victory for the people that are more equal.

The principal, Hope Sterling, also refused to allow any Hanukkah songs to be sung in the school’s winter holidays concert.

I tried to sing "Bathing in the blood of freshly killed gentiles" or "Christ in hell, cooking in shit" but was told not to. This is the worst anti-semitism, the banality of evil, a motive-free attack on the Light of the World.

“I have nothing against Christmas. I just think they should add more Hanukkah and more other religions,” 11-year-old Rebecca told CTV News.

You unclean meat make good useful idiots, I will say that. We just want symbols of our conquest of your dead country up in the Publik Schmuel, that's all.

Separation of synagogue and state?

“It is a public school, so if you are going to invite everybody, you’ve got to include everybody,” said her classmate Maya.

Change "a public school" to "Europe" and you have the new motto of the European Economic Union.

Sterling’s reported rationale for excluding items like a Hanukkah menorah and candles was that such symbols were religious, while the Christmas tree in the school’s hallway was merely cultural.

The goyim and their lies. Time to find out who is actually in charge.

“It was actually suggested that if we really were insistent, we could place a dreidel underneath the [Christmas] tree, or hang it off of the tree,” said a visibly upset Sheila Sontz, Maya’s mother.

This insulting attempt to conciliation is equivalent to another holohoax. A jewess is left in tears when it couldn't gain the proper groveling submission from the worthless humanoids g*d didn't choose. We must have a giant dreidel in the front lobby, surrounded by signs reminding the shkotzim that the precious six with a ton of zeros after it were cruelly slaughtered by trained condors, fire pits, homicidal gas chambers and nawrtzee dogs with poisonous teeth. Bow down in front of that g*d damn kosher fidget spinner, you worthless cattle! Offer up your geld. Die.

Sontz told CTV that she viewed Christmas trees and Santa Claus as just as representative of a religious holiday as a menorah.

If you're wondering why we're struggling for meaningful transcendent experiences, you should note that a Coca-Cola advertising mascot is now part of our amorphous and useless modern "religion."

“The school will be decorating the walls for the winter concert with art that depicts the children’s winter celebrations from all faiths and cultures,” said the statement.

Well, that's relief. We'll have art depicting African jungle monsters cooking and eating each other, moe-ham-head "heaven vests," huge ugly displays from your jew overlords and for the Christian maybe a can of Coke.

In a December 8 interview with CBC Radio, former VSB trustee and chairperson Patti Bacchus said she was shocked by what she called “a really poor judgement call” by the board.

Take a moment to guess the physiognomy of this delusional cultural marxist useful idiot.

Yes, you were correct.

“It’s not a difficult thing to include a range of religions… It’s important for all students to learn that… It’s part of teaching in a diverse, multicultural setting in public schools where we want kids to understand that we live in a society with all kinds of religions and cultures, and those are to be celebrated and respected,” she said. 

The pathology of the modern White, the happy illusions that are only shattered by the concussive force of moon cult bombs, and sometimes not even then. Every religion is the same after all; they all teach important cosmic truths like "don't be mean to people." There certainly aren't any "faiths" that promote the murder of the kuffir or promise our eventual enslavement as faceless, mindless brown chattel.

Bacchus also refuted Sterling’s claim that a Christmas tree is less religiously symbolic than a Hanukkah menorah.

You were using it to worship Wotan, right?

When a jew walks in with fake tears in its eyes you get cowardly.

Monday, December 11, 2017

It Could Happen to Anyone

No one can explain why the jew, g*d's chosen and a being of purest goodness, is constantly attacked by the rest of humanity, the future slaves they affectionately call "cattle." There is ordinary and boring evil in the world and this banal malevolence often assumes the shape of incorrectly made swastikas in highly credible "Hey rabbi, watcha doin'?!?" incidents. It's critical we have a "conversation" about the attacks on the innocent and loving merchant and if a little free labor can be obtained from the shkotzim in the process, so much the better.

A large swastika was spray painted on the garage door of a Jewish family in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This is proof that you deserve your coming genocide, gentiles. Working for your racial survival is wicked, just look at my garage door and not my paint-soaked hands if you have any lingering doubts about the inherent evil of your existence.

The swastika was drawn days after the family put up decorations for Hanukkah, the family’s rabbi, Dusty Klass, told the television station.

Meet the literal "Hey rabbi" from our favorite cartoon. A minor holiday that the demonic jew used as a cudgel against Christian traditions is under attack! We need a lot more speech and thought crime laws, that's for sure.

The rabbi said the family wanted people to know that the incident had occurred to open a discussion about it.

I know, surprising. It's almost as if this is a manufactured incident being cynically exploited to attack normal White America, but on the other hand six zillion went up the chimney so you better shut up and feel bad about this obvious hoax.

Well, I'm convinced.

“They were shocked, they were hurt, they were angry,” Klass said. “It was really important to them that people know this happened here in Charlotte and that it’s not OK and that it could happen to anyone and that we need to know about it and talk about it so we can do something about it.”

Literally shaking, not okay, it's current date and location, we need a long lecture on why you deserve to be hated minority in your own country followed by your eventual complete destruction. 

Police painted over the swastika on Tuesday morning before the family’s children could see it, WBTV reported.

A kosher garage needed painting, but honest labor is not for g*d's favorites. The solution? A phony hate crime to force the Blue Lives to act as the moronic thralls promised by the talmud. How to extort compliance and servile behavior from the goyim with one weird trick. Someone made a comically inept not-see symbol on my bank, you're morally required to bail us out. I think I was called a name, you must vote for globalism. All four of my mothers were killed in homicidal gas chambers, you must let in millions of moe-ham-head-dan enemygrants. Oy vey, we're the victims here, get on your knees and do our bidding, from menial labor to insane betrayals of your ancestral homeland. How about "no."

There were 15 reported anti-Semitic incidents in North Carolina in the first six months of 2017, according to Anti-Defamation League statistics, compared to one in the state in all of 2016.

This explosion of Tar Heel nawrtzee behavior is highly legitimate, that's for sure.

Full Story.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Cuck Island

We need to move the entire population of Africa into Europe. Much like how "bad streets" cause negro chaos in cities like Bodymore and Chiraq, a "bad continent" is causing the pathology of a genetic alien. Once removed from the pervasive negative influence of The Mother and brought into prosperous White nations full of generous hand-outs and free range victims, the jungle monster should immediately start writing symphonies and curing cancer. Since all human beings are equal and the same (Whites are bad, jews are special chosen) it stands to reason that the more vaguely humanoid dark simians you can cram into your ancestral homelands, the better. Besides, think of the opportunities to attempt to apply insanely liberal White jurisprudence to Heart of Darkness savagery.

An African refugee who was jailed twice for sex offences was awarded £110,000 in compensation for having to stay in prison for “too long”.

Yes, an African rapefugee is going to be paid six figures by a nation that has lost its mind and its soul. You have to wonder if the average indigenous European has any self-preservation instincts whatsoever. Rape my daughter, slit my throat, here's some money because we inconvenienced this string of horrific crimes by briefly caging the worthless shit-colored animal.

Guinean native Aliou Bah, 26, was imprisoned twice for serious sexual assault — once against a 16-year-old girl — but was awarded the compensation for being detained for 21 months longer than his original prison sentences whilst the Home Office fought for his deportation, reports The Sun.

When Swedenistan or El-France makes a move to become Europe's first nation to be fully annexed by Africa the United Kaliphate steps up and says "Watch this!"

The West African joined his refugee father in the UK in 2007. In 2011, he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, was jailed for 18 months, and put on the sex offenders’ register.

The rich and vibrant "diversity" has landed. Think of the amazing food, the tribal drumming, the sexual emergencies that ultimately lead to modest lottery jackpots for the 60 I.Q. negro rapist.

He then went on to commit another sex attack against a woman and was jailed for two years in 2014.

Good boy, turning life around, unfairly jailed by a "racist" system, let me get my kosher credit card.

However, the judge presiding over the case, Judge Nicholas Madge, ruled the periods of detention after his sentences had expired were unlawful. Given the West African’s refugee status and as the Guinea Embassy refused to issue travel documents, there was no prospect of him being deported, Central London County Court heard.

Because g*d knows we can't deport a serial rapist without the full permission of Guinea. Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

This piece of shit rewarded a foreign rape ape.

The newspaper reports that then-Home Secretary Theresa May had signed the deportation order in December 2011, unaware that he was entitled to be treated as a refugee.

The whims of some West African sewer have to take precedence over attempts of our own dead nation to defend itself.

A Home Office spokesman said: “People who have no right to live in this country should be in no doubt of our determination to remove them. We have removed more than 41,000 Foreign National Offenders since 2010.

Wow. Great job.

“We are now considering the judgement but this case does not change the legality of Mr. Bah’s status in the UK.”

R.I.P. Britain. 

We can rape and get paid!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Negro Rape Horror in Publik Shmuel

A 14-year-old boy is charged with raping a classmate inside Lincoln High School in Warren.

Well, how about that. Let's take a look at the good boy getting ready to turn its life around.

The wonders of diversity. A worthless animal who looks to be about thirty years old, at least, somehow infiltrated a Michigan practice prison and was able to fully express the content of its character. We need a lot more of this in the shrinking number of majority White schools. If this integration success story doesn't convince you, just remember that you're an evil "racist" and deserve the absolute worst.

The teenager is being charged as an adult on three counts of criminal sexual conduct. 

I don't know how long this "teenager" fiction is going to hold up, but at least there's a slim chance the "races" justice system will isolate this vile morlock from society for awhile. "Why are so many black men behind bars," bleats the useful idiot, tears streaming down a bloated, soft face. It must be systematic oppression, they certainly aren't raping their classmates in stairwells.

Police said Khymani Jamal Tolbert raped a 14-year-old freshman girl in a school stairwell. The incident is alleged to have happened Nov. 28.

It's safe to say that a creature named "Khymani" has never made even the most minor positive contribution to a civilized nation. The jew insists these obvious inferiors are our equals. Our semitic enemy wants your daughter raped by one and you murdered by one and it thinks it's funny.

Future geologist, oceanographer or rape ape.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said the case sent an emotional shock wave through his department because of the sheer brutality involved.

Hold up. Are you saying that "diversity" isn't our greatest strength?

Dwyer said Tolbert, of Warren, hung around the Lincoln High School stairwell after school on Nov. 28, waiting for a victim.

The mind and anti-soul of the genetic alien. Muh dikk gone wrong.

Tolbert's victim tried mightily to escape his advances, Dwyer said. "She fought off the attack for 20 minutes," Dwyer said.

That's more than can be said for Western Europe.

Police said there are 50 video security cameras inside the school, and more than one recorded the attack.

Cameras everywhere, but somehow we didn't notice a creature from a nightmare brutal raping one of the free-range victims. Tyranny and anarchy, walking hand in hand in a multi-culti hell.

"I mean, I can't describe the feelings we have for this victim and family enough, as far as our sorrow goes out, our support goes out to the family," Dwyer said.

Yeah. Thanks a lot.

Van Dyke Schools Superintendent Piper Bognar released a statement, saying: "We are horrified and saddened by this situation ... We are doing all we can for the victim and the family. The school personnel responded swiftly, and we are continuing to work with the Warren Police Department and related law enforcement authorities."

We're flying into action now that this unthinkable evil has been completed. You'll see some of the best clean up and cover up, don't you worry. We'll swiftly get this in the memory hole and go back to creating conditions that ensure this will happen again.

"When he goes to prison, and I hope he goes to prison for life, because he deserves life for what he did to her, to this 14-year-old victim," Dwyer said.

There's no rope in Michigan, apparently.

Dwyer said it's possible Tolbert has attacked someone before, and he's asking anyone who knows about any previous attacks to call his department at 586-574-4800.  

Pound sign me too.

 Homo erectus arrested.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Muh Allies

Whites are the only race on Earth that not only fails to work for our own interests, but will actively work against them in the hope of earning the approval of a jewish enemy that wants us violently dead. We don't want to be called names, and if the promise of heaven has been replaced by a few fleeting moments of tingling warmth within from artificial virtue without, it's still good enough for some debased losers. The end result of this suicidal treachery against your ancestors is becoming a hated minority in your own lands and then annihilation followed by being cursed in your grave. On the other hand, you might earn a few tepid encomiums from kosher fraud news outlets and that's a lot more important than worrying about the nightmarish future you're helping to bring about.

Social media conversations on race typically take one of two routes. The first, and the one less traveled, leads to a thoughtful, fact-driven exchange of ideas. 

In between posting duckface photos and close ups of food I thought I'd have a lengthy, fact-based discussion about race on jewbook. Here's some I.Q. graphs. This is a comparison of racial skull shapes and brain sizes. Did you know Whites are more likely to be killed by police, per capita? Let's look at crime statistics from the Department of Justice. How about a pile of studies confirming the obvious truth that everyone prefers to live among their own kind and not as a faceless bar code in some strident global bazaar? What do you think of these thoughtful, fact-driven arguments?

I'm now officially a "racist."

The second (more popular) route leads to bitter back-and-forth filled with tired stereotypes or racially inflammatory barbs.  

The second (more popular) version sees the jew and their useful idiots getting dominated by hate facts and then resorting to communist neologisms, wailing non sequiturs about the holohoax and simply censoring the "bitterness."

But now, when discussion swerves in the second direction, there's a group of white allies prepared to do the rerouting. 

Meet the heroes we deserve: pathetic White losers full of self-hatred, the new Puritans of a decadent age, the "literally shaking" brigade hoping to finally get something, anything, out of that six figure student loan pound of flesh debt. Get ready to be "rerouted" by childless cat ladies and noodle-armed soy boys, you awful "racist." People who will be literally killed and eaten after the remnants of White civilization finally collapse are going to spend the final hours before the dark nightmare acting as Quislings for Big jew.

White Nonsense Roundup is a social media watchdog group with about 100 white volunteers. Its goal: to relieve people of color from the emotional labor of engaging with a person's racist or racially insensitive thoughts.

Suffice it to say a 70 I.Q. mind is not equipped for the difficult "labor" of confronting basic realities that every sane person agrees upon and have been thoroughly confirmed by science. Fortunately the White Genocide Helpers are on the case. That isn't really a muzzle on that "African-American," they might explain. Stop believing your lying eyes and trust the semitic enemy who is tirelessly working to destroy you and everyone you care about.

Say, a person of color makes a post about Black Lives Matter. Then others respond with ignorant or offensive comments. That person can tag White Nonsense RoundUp to snatch some edges -- or, better put, to educate people with context and fact-based views.

 Help me White Nonsense RoundUp!

"It's really unfair that we expect people of color to experience racism, but then also explain it to us," the group's co-founder Terri Kempton, a book editor and college instructor, told CNN.

The "minority" is basically a helpless child that can't parse straightforward facts or acknowledge its considerable failings. You know, Terri, some would argue that you're the REAL RACIST with that attitude.

Volunteers pretty much see the same well-trodden claims or ideas time and time again in some form or another, Kempton said. There are some old standbys like, "I'm not racist because I don't see color," or, "Well, I don't personally act racist."

This is the stage many slumbering Whites go through before they realize that this delusional thinking is never going to be reciprocated by the dark inferior and then they wake up and become one of us. Thank you, cultural marxist human waste, for helping this process along.

More specific topics also get trotted out: "Cultural appropriation isn't real," "I don't have white privilege because of [x]," "Why is it always about race?" and the particularly thorny refrain, "All Lives Matter."

Your life does not matter because you have original sin White privilege, explains the disgusting humanoid sludge produced by the communist indoctrination center. You need to die. How about "no."

When you have no children and don't exercise there's plenty of time for insane anti-White crusades.

Sometimes those questions stump the volunteers and founders. In those moments, the group relies on its advisory council -- a group of 9-10 people of color that offer guidance and help plan next steps.

This guy just said that negroes have foreign DNA not shared by any other race! Help me, shit-colored advisory board!

One of them is Kevin Tillman, an educator in Oakland, California, who says he uses the service almost every day. Tillman, 40, is a leader in the vegan hip-hop movement and often encounters trolls online.

LOL. I don't eat no meat/blasting apes out on da street/sitting in dat car with muh green/catching hot lead from dat beam.

"I thought, 'What about if we take on some of that emotional labor or burden?'" Kempton said. "Because white people are responsible for talking to other white people about racism."

The jew can't do it all! I can act as a kommissar and turn people in, I'm sure this will protect me from the purges.

Their idea worked. Since its launch, White Nonsense RoundUp has gained more than 138,000 followers across its different accounts. 

Wow. Imagine all the "likes."

Being anti-White is very glamorous.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Baltimore: Black Lives Splatter

Attempting to police the negro is wrong. We all know the average officer is a deeply "racist" scumbag eager to "limit" a cherubic "teen" who clearly didn't do [anything] and is just about to go to college. The solution is to simply allow the Crabgrass-American to run wild and in Baltimore we see the end result of this bold new strategy. Creatures from the early chapters of an anthropology text are blasting each other in record numbers and it's now unclear how we can blame Whites for this, always the go-to tactic when some aspect of our jewish multi-cult fails spectacularly. It might even be time for a Zimbabwe-style "Come back Whitey, we dyin' hee-ah."

A series of shootings resulted in Baltimore's 320th homicide this year. Killings continue as the Maryland city becomes the nation’s murder capital, pulling ahead of New York City in raw numbers and Chicago in terms of homicides per capita.

Who could have predicted that making it impossible for law enforcement to do their job would result in this? I mean, we're not Nostradamus, okay? Anything could have happened, we just got bad luck and rolled snake-eyes or whatever. I'm sure, by the law of averages, that Bodymore will be one of America's safest cities next year. Until then, congratulations on somehow defeating Chiraq in the dead nigga bodies (Ah!) race, Bodymore. This is a true testament to the content of your character.

A police investigation is under way into a triple shooting in the southern Baltimore neighborhood of Brooklyn, which left one man dead and two wounded on Sunday.

No arrests were made, witnesses are refusing to cooperate, etc.

In October, Baltimore surpassed New York City and Chicago as the nation's murder capital. The city has seen more murders this year than New York, despite having less than a tenth of the population.

No one can explain it. It's an absolutely impenetrable mystery why this is happening. Maybe we need more police accountability.

The vibrant cultural achievements of the Baltimore "African-American."

While Chicago is often deemed the most dangerous city in the US, it has had 607 murders in 2017, despite having a population of 2.7 million, more than four times that of Baltimore.

Another heavy blow to the civic pride of Chiraqis. 

Homicides continue to plague Baltimore despite efforts to broker a ceasefire by activists over the summer.

Genetic realities continue to plague the negro despite endless jewish attempts to push the equality delusion.

“I hope that everyone that loves Baltimore realizes that everyone has to do soul-searching for us to be better and not have this conversation again next year, so less families are suffering this trauma,” city councilman Brandon Scott, chair of the public safety committee, said in November when the murder count hit 300. “No one and no neighborhood is exempt.”

I think I'll sit in this car and do a little soul-searching on how I can do better on the "not blasting my fellow morlocks" front. 

Baltimore’s murder rate has skyrocketed over the past three years, following the April 2015 riots over the death of an African-American man in police custody. Prior to 2015, the death toll had not hit 300 in one year since the record 353 killings in 1993.

It's almost like there's an obvious cause and effect relationship here, but on the other hand let's listen to some "banga musik" and search our anti-soul for the truth.

 I wonder how many of the groids in this picture later got murdered by their fellow living fossils.