Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Tribal War

Removing the two vast and trunkless legs in the desert, the decaying and colossal wreck around which the lone and level sands stretch far away in every direction, should be the magic bullet that finally fixes the American negro after all the other countless failed attempts. It was the eroding statues that could occasionally be found in the rot, sad reminders of brother wars and the madness that had to be carefully taught by the jewish outsider, that were causing the malfunction. Once these hate stones are gone, there will definitely be perceptible improvements in a race that carries foreign DNA. The negro will get better tomorrow. Assuming the endless appeasement continues, of course.

Nine people were killed and at least 54 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday evening and Monday morning.

Staggering pathology, even by Chiraq standards. I guess torching the rocky visage of well-known "racist" Abraham Lincoln wasn't enough to mitigate the evil White influence that is no doubt causing these ridiculous monkeyshines.

Seven people were shot, one fatally, during a single mass shooting incident about 2:30 a.m. Sunday in the West Pullman neighborhood on the Far South Side.

Another negro "open shooter" incident for the memory hole.

The group was in the parking lot of a banquet hall in the 11900 block of South Loomis when a male in a black SUV opened fire, according to Chicago Police. The SUV then sped away.

We know the color of the soccer mom sports car, but not the "male" tar monster. Good job, fake news, I'm sure everyone is still fooled.

A 30-year-old man was shot in the left leg; a 31-year-old woman was shot in the left leg; a 32-year-old woman was shot in the right leg; a 32-year-old man was shot in the abdomen; a 33-year-old woman was shot in the left leg; and a 36-year-old man was shot in the buttocks, police said.

Pulling bullets out of a dusky "booty." This is why we conquered nature and built an enduring civilization: so we could then put it into a death spiral of jew-promoted jungle monster violence and idiocy.

About 6:25 p.m. Sunday, 22-year-old Damian Rowdan was killed and two other people were wounded in a shooting in the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side. They were on the porch of a home in the 3000 block of West Polk when someone opened fire from a passing SUV, police and the medical examiner’s office said.

Negroes on a porch. Stereotypes: they aren't created from thin air.

One man was killed and two other people were wounded in a shooting about 4:30 a.m. Sunday in the Rogers Park neighborhood on the North Side. They were standing on the sidewalk in the 7700 block of North Ashland when someone in a Ford SUV fired shots in their direction.

"Hello fine sirs, this is an excellent sidewalk for all our standing needs."

"You are correct, my friend. Are you ready for tomorrow's meeting of the Mozart Appreciation Society?"

SUV pulls up, everyone gets shot.

Remus Campbell, 32 was shot in the neck and taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston, where he was pronounced dead at 5:35 a.m., authorities said.

Less than an hour earlier, 21-year-old Aaron Clemons was killed and another man was critically wounded in a West Englewood neighborhood shooting on the South Side, authorities said. A 23-year-old man was standing outside with a group of people about 1:25 a.m. in the 7000 block of South Paulina when a vehicle pulled up and someone inside fired multiple shots.

The exciting diversity of a crime that, save for a few minor details, could be an exact copy of several other ones that happened over one weekend in a city annexed by Africa and Latin America.

Jose Carlos Romero Hernadez, 21, and a 20-year-old man were walking at 6:26 p.m. Saturday in the 2700 block of North Monticello when a dark-colored SUV pulled up and someone inside opened fire, authorities said. Hernadez, who lived in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the South Side, was shot in the head, while the younger man suffered a gunshot wound to the left thigh.

See, it's not all "African-Americans" you "racist." It was also la-teen-ohs. The natural conservatives here for a better life do the jobs that negroes already are doing. It's just the same story over and over, the same genetically preordained failure. We need a lot more of this is the Whitest available areas, ask any jew.

About 4:20 p.m. Saturday, 24-year-old Cornell Verner was gunned down in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side. He was sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in the 6300 block of South Carpenter when someone walked up and fired shots, striking him multiple times in the face and torso, authorities said.  

Nice to see at least one "sitting in a car gone wrong" to break up all the "evolutionary dead-end pulled up in an SUV, shot its fellow nightmare animals."

Nearly 12 hours earlier, 26-year-old Jerrell J. Perkins was killed and a 45-year-old woman was wounded in another West Pullman neighborhood attack. They were standing on the street near a parked car about 4:30 a.m. Saturday in the 12200 block of South Green when a black SUV pulled up and someone inside opened fire, police said.

Black lives matter. 

At least 40 other people were wounded in citywide shootings between 5 p.m. Friday and 5 a.m. Monday.

Each one a precious and unique miracle full of unlimited potential, such a tragedy. We can best honor the dead morlocks and illegal aliens by pretending none of this happened.

Additionally, a person was shot by a Chicago Police officer about 8:45 p.m. Saturday in the Gage Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side. The male suspect suffered a graze wound to the neck and was taken to a hospital with injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening.

Yes, thank you for the résumé, but the next Michael Brown has to actually die, not suffer some minor injury.

Full Story.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Meet Wyoming's Amazing Unknown Quarterback

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of [the Barcelona terror attack]. This is a horrible tragedy, an attack on the diversity that is our greatest strength. If we learn any lessons from this we dishonor their memory. We must continue as if nothing happened. [Vehicular homicide and hostage taking] are a part of life in the city and something we have to get used to. My biggest fear is a backlash from "racists" against the many innocent [Moroccans]. I trust you all have your candles lit. Let's have a song. "Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle..."

With the new total war being waged against Crime Think (And I'm glad it's happening. I disavow! I DISAVOW!!!!) there's going to be some major editorial changes around here. This means no more uncomfortable facts that might get us all in trouble. Instead we're going to focus on the Liberia Ball (I mean Football. Yes, there's going to be some growing pains as this blog undergoes a fundamental transformation it must make if it's going to survive. Jewish pressure will be at the center of this and may be resented, but hey, I'm not some dumb-ass hero who gets sent to a gulag or starved to death).

That's right, it time for our scholar athletes to thrill us with their amazing talent! Get your booze, grab your pills and settle in, America is going to be united again rooting on the incredible displays of skill and will on the gridiron. I can hardly wait. Let's start by discussing the best player in College Football who, for reasons unknown, was barely recruited.

Throw it! Go team! Yay!

On Nov. 20, 2014, near the end of Josh Allen's first season at junior college, he sent emails imploring someone -- anyone, really -- to give him a chance to be a Division I quarterback.

Please, someone notice my extraordinary talent. Oddly enough, no one was interested, probably because Allen suffered from tight hips, a lunch pail mentality and a lack of "explosive" speed. I'm sure his begging letters were a mess, too, not including any apologies for slavery, Jim Crow, the founding fathers and the existence of Whites in general. Next time just write "black lives matter" over and over, you might have a better chance. 

His unsolicited emails went over like a loan request from a Nigerian prince. 

That's racist. Hopefully the bigot who wrote this article was fired and imprisoned.

He received a handful of responses and only two -- Eastern Michigan and Wyoming -- eventually offered him a scholarship. (The Eagles actually withdrew their offer after he chose to visit Wyoming near the end of the early signing period for junior college transfers.)

A chance to be part of the great Eastern Michigan football tradition, who wouldn't be thrilled?

No one else saw it, at least not back then. But after throwing for more than 3,000 yards and 28 touchdowns for Wyoming last season, the quarterback that nearly every FBS team (but two) ignored might very well end up being one of the first players selected in the 2018 NFL draft.

It sure is strange how the best quarterback in the nation toiled in obscurity and couldn't get a scholarship anywhere. It really is weird. I just can't figure out what the problem was.

For some reason he wasn't recruited.

Before Josh committed to Wyoming, however, he made one last plea to Fresno State's coaches. The Bulldogs had just received a commitment from quarterback Chason Virgil, a 6-foot-1, 170-pound high school prospect from Mesquite, Texas.

Why would they select this scrawny out-of-state prospect over a top quality local talent? My head is hurting, straining to solve this impenetrable and labyrinthine mystery.

An impressive and fanatical physical presence! This kid's a beast!

Buggy whip arms on a super athlete.

Room brightening 1000 watt smile!

Electricity on wheels!

In a bit of bonus trivia, Fresno State went 1-11 last season with this incredible athlete under center, throwing for 13 amazing tugs and only 10 interceptions. He completed over half his throws and was only sacked 21 times. You made the right decision, "bulldogs."

After Virgil committed to Fresno State, Josh sent a terse email to an assistant coach: "6-1, 170?"

Obviously, you weren't aware of his "Southern Speed" and ability to toss the ball 70 yards with a flick of the wrist.

"Yeah, we got our guy," the assistant responded. "Good luck."

We could not be more pleased with our malnourished, uncoordinated and sullen Mr. Touchdown.

"Everything happens for a reason," he said. "I think that kids who are at smaller schools or don't have offers from big schools can look at my story and continue to work hard. I preach to them that it doesn't matter where you come from, it matters how you play and how you apply yourself. If you want something, go get it."

This is clearly the will of g*d and it certainly isn't systematic discrimination against White athletes, let me tell you.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Spain's Undocumented Roads

The last time I talked about Spain, they had just received a shipment identical looking and behaving diversity that appeared to be extremely eager to embrace local customs and traditions and start "pumping" money into the economy, the most important thing any completely interchangeable two-legged bar code can do in this best of all worlds. Flash forward to today, where we now get the "after" half to go with the sickening "before." Another enemygrant decided that all highways are legal, some just lack documentation, and ran down its benefactors for the greater glory of a snake idol in a stone cube thousands of miles  away. Did I mention we need to fight "White supremacy" and destroy every symbol of the past? We have always been a home for desert rapefugees.

A van has plowed into pedestrians in Barcelona in an apparent terror attack leaving two dead and several injured.

I'm sure the Loser Party will be lining up to formally disavow the moon cult and demand immediate removal of the brown aliens. Well, that or the memory hole. Don't worry, you don't have to put the Spanish flag (A fascist flag, no less! They must have somehow provoked this attack and are the only guilty party.) over your Faceberg duck-face photos, we're not doing that anymore.

Metro lines have been shut and shoppers and pedestrians have been seen running into buildings as armed police flooded the area. 

Our healthy modern democracy. Free-range victims scattering like quail from the latest jihad, militarized police running around trying to look scary and organized, a single moe-ham-head puts an entire city on tilt.

Police have confirmed that the "massive crash" involved a white van mounting the pavement.

The self-driving van "mounts" the pavement. Autonomous homicidal vehicles, bizarrely sexual language, the death of Europe has a dignity all its own.

The transformation that must take place.

They are treating the crash as a terror attack.

Yeah. No shit.

Local outlet El Pais claims that police sources have said that the driver ran away from the van on foot after the smash.

No arrests were made. At least this proves we're not "racist." Until the next jewish accusation, at least.

Other unverified reports from local TV channel TV3 say two armed men are holding hostages in a nearby Turkish restaurant.

Turkish? Huh, how about that? Probably crazed Whites all hopped up on privilege and supremacist ideas.

Reports say the van plowed into people outside a Kosher food shop, although this is yet to be confirmed.

Oy vey, we take back everything we said about how this incident should be immediately forgotten. The dark biological weapon unleashed by the merchant is not selective in its attacks. This is the worst and most vile anti-semitism, we demand a gentile military presence in front of every synagogue, kosher food shop and swimming pool to protect g*d's favorite people from the "immigration" disaster we inflicted on you.

"I think several people were hit. It was horrible, there was panic. Terrible."

"Diversity" is our greatest strength.

Eyewitness Amar Anwar, human rights lawyer, told Sky News: "I did not see the van mount the pavement. I heard the crash.

The "human" rights sand monster didn't see nuffin. It might have been one of his clients behind the wheel.

The British Foreign Office guidance for Spain reads: "Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Spain."Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners.

That awkward moment when the United Kaliphate is more in touch with reality than you.

Spanish police have disrupted a number of groups suspected of recruiting individuals to travel to Syria and Iraq from 2015 to the present date.

It's probably nothing, go back to sleep. Say, is that Africa Ball on your talmudvision? Look at that boy run! Everything is fine.

Some of them expressed an intention to carry out attacks in Europe.

I know, pretty surprising. Who could have predicted this?

Full Story.

 Spain gets enriched.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Gestapo Park

President Trump’s question to reporters on Tuesday about the possibility of tearing down historical monuments has been answered by a Chicago pastor: “It’s time.”

 We wuz Iconoclasts an sheeet.

Bishop James E. Dukes of Chicago’s Liberation Christian Center made headlines in the Windy City on Wednesday for calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to rename Washington Park and remove a statue of the first U.S. president over his ties to slavery.  

“This week it’s Robert E. Lee. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down. I wonder is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know, you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?” Mr. Trump asked reporters on Tuesday as he spoke on last weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“It’s time. Please read my letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and The Chicago Park District,” Mr. Dukes wrote on Facebook Tuesday night. “I’m calling on them to change the names of Washington and Jackson Park. Slave owners do not deserve the honor of our children playing in parks named after them."

"There is no way a Native American Community would allow a General Custer Park or a Jewish Community allow a Gestapo Park in their community.” 

The pastor’s letter was reported by a local CBS affiliate on Wednesday and shared on local radio.

 Broad, flat nose, muzzle, low forehead, yellow eyes, etc.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Hotel of Hate

A Swiss hotel that posted signs telling Jewish clients to shower before using the pool and restricting their access to the facility's freezer has unleashed outrage and official complaints from Israel.

Yes, you read that correctly. Freezer access in an expensive Swiss resort has drawn the full wrath of Zion and the wailing in Hebrew can be heard far and wide while the gentiles beg for forgiveness. If a chosenite receives an unkind glance from the shkotzim we must deploy the full strategic professional victim arsenal. Powerless and unfairly persecuted, this is the Light of the World.

The Paradies apartment hotel in the Alpine village of Arosa in eastern Switzerland is being accused of anti-Semitism after an outraged guest posted to Facebook a picture of a notice plastered outside the hotel pool.

A second notice, in the kitchen, meanwhile instructed "Our Jewish guests" that they could only access the facility's freezer between 10 and 11 am and between 4:30 and 5:30 pm.

It's another shoah. The selections, the efficient German control of freezer usage, the small portions and humidity, it's happening all over again. We must destroy Europe with dark biological weapons so these attacks on the innocent and noble merchant end.

"I hope you understand that our team does not like being disturbed all the time," it said.

There's a limit to how much typical jewish behavior our staff can stand, please be patient with the unclean meat acting as the slaves promised by your talmud.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely described the incident as "an anti-Semitic act of the worst and ugliest kind."

This is the worst "anti-semitism" I've ever seen. The banality of evil, man's inhumanity toward man, the witness to industrialized homicide. Evil triumphed at the luxury Swiss hotel because good men did nothing. First they came for the unwashed scumbags who got in the swimming pool covered in filth and I didn't say anything, because I shower before using the pool. Then they came for the people who wanted to use the freezer at 2 am...

Israel's ambassador to Switzerland, Jacob Keidar, reportedly contacted the hotel and informed Hotovely the signs had been removed.


But she was not satisfied and has reportedly demanded "a formal condemnation" from Bern.

Incredibly, a groveling apology fails to satiate the affected kosher outrage. How many millions in "reparations" should we put you down for?

Swiss foreign ministry spokesman Tilman Renz told AFP in an email that the ministry had been in contact with Keidar and had "outlined to him that Switzerland condemns racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination in any form."

I have won the victory over myself and learned to love Big jew.

"I wrote something naive on that poster," she was quoted as saying, admitting that it would have been better to simply address all guests with the same message.

I was "ignorant!" Please don't ruin my life!

The prominent Jewish rights group, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, also voiced outrage at the incident, publishing a letter Tuesday demanding that Switzerland "close hotel of hate and penalise its management."

The Hotel of Hate!!!! This has to be a parody, right? As far as I can tell it's legitimate. We are living in Clown World.

And it called on to remove the hotel from its directory "and explain the anti-Semitic cause of the removal on your website."

When the jew is mildly offended they completely destroy the gentiles. Meanwhile, Whites are afraid of being called names by an enemy that wants us violently dead.

The centre's head of international relations Shimon Samuels, pointed out that "the reference to 'showers' can be construed as a patently vicious reference to the fake shower (heads) in the gas chambers."

The gas chambers? Sorry, never heard that one.

Full Story.

My whole family, sent off a diving board.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Escalated in Some Way

By now we've all heard about the shocking events this weekend that demonstrated how deeply divided and full of hate our kosher globalist bazaar truly is. Peaceful people victimized, lost lives full of promise, the ugly face of "racism," shocking police incompetence...yup, it was another weekend in Chiraq. The memory hole might as well be a memory Grand Canyon for how quickly this latest spasm of negro and la-teen-oh pathology is going to disappear, but that's why you're here. Let us examine the latest dark demonstration of the character's content.

Nine people were killed and at least 30 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday night and Monday morning.

That's interesting and everything but did you here about the "not-sees?" You don't care? Okay, just checking.

The weekend’s latest fatal shooting happened about 12:10 a.m. Monday in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood on the Southwest Side. A 26-year-old man was standing next to a car in the 3000 block of West 60th Street when a tan vehicle drove by westbound and someone inside fired shots, according to Chicago Police.

It turns out that exiting the car you were sitting in and standing next to it doesn't appreciably decrease the likelihood of being blasted by your fellow tar monsters, allow I suppose it was worth a try.

The man suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Can we blame this on Whites, internet free speech and President Trump? No? Better get this buried and fast before more goyim notice we're forced to share a country with this obviously failed race of violent morons.

Three people were killed in a Sunday evening shooting in the East Side neighborhood on the Far South Side. A 17-year-old boy, 22-year-old man and 24-year-old woman all suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the body at 5:30 p.m. in the 10200 block of South Ewing and pronounced dead at the scene, according to police and the medical examiner’s office.

A "boy," man and woman all bagged at the same time in an amazing trifecta of jungle pathology.

A police source said a man shot the three people after they broke into his home. No charges have been filed against the homeowner, who had a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification card.

This is why you need to be armed. When the amazing "diverse" home invasion squad is at your door you don't want to be on 911 having a "Eye kanna heeah yew" discussion with La-ah, you want to be limiting the evolutionary dead-ends.

Ivan Real, who told NBC5 he is a close friend of the homeowner, said there have been a lot of home invasions in the neighborhood recently.

Wow, really? That sure is something. Did you know the Africa Ball starts soon and that "racist" Whites attacked peaceful "counter-protestors?"

About 11:20 a.m. Sunday, Emmanuel Fleming, 34, and 46-year-old Michael Swift were killed in a shooting in the West Side Austin neighborhood. The men were standing at 11:19 a.m. in the 200 block of South Laramie when two people walked up and fired shots at the younger man, authorities said.

Nothing like a nice relaxing standing session in a neighborhood that resembles Beirut minus the exotic and vibrant sand person culture.

The dead negro in happier times, after an aggravated assault arrest.

Fleming lived in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side, and Swift lived in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. Deputy Chief Al Nagode said one of the victims was believed to be a member of a nearby church.

LOL. Good boys, volunteering at the church, turning that life around, about to go to college, these simian lives really mattered.

Shortly before 12:30 a.m. Sunday, 27-year-old Demica Porter was gunned down in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the South Side.

 Demica Porter: The "human" cost of tribal warfare.

At least one other person was killed and 30 people were wounded in shootings across the city between 11:30 p.m. Friday and 5 a.m. Monday. Follow city violence with the Chicago Sun-Times weekend shootings tracker.

Follow all the latest monkeyshines on the mud man pathology tracker! See if you can somehow keep up!

Additionally, an off-duty Chicago Police sergeant shot a man at 5:06 a.m. Sunday in the Morgan Park neighborhood on the Far South Side. The officer shot the 18-year-old during an “armed confrontation” in the 10900 block of South Hermosa.

Sounds like "systemic racism" from the five-oh to me. The auditions for the next Michael Brown continue.

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said the officer first spotted the man “acting suspiciously” in the 10000 block of South Wood. The incident then “escalated in some way,” prompting the officer to shoot the man.

Believe it or not, there are consequences to appointing a negro dullard who literally can't tell left from right to be the boss of the po-po. Dat nigga be suh-picious, dawg. It bee ex-call-ating. Sheeeit.

Last weekend, three people were killed and 27 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago.

Let's all savor the deafening silence.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Lighter Side of Negro Pathology: God Made Me Bulletproof

A 65 I.Q. mind has great difficulty interfacing with the complex world we live in and is quick to resort to magical thinking and jaw-dropping delusion. In the African Heart of Darkness the problems that naturally afflict a failed race of genetic aliens are blamed on witchcraft, evil eye, root wizards and the lack of albinos to hack up for protective amulets. In civilized nations the negro merely replaces the malevolent hedge wizards with the pervasive evils of "dat races" as a catch-all excuse for the endless pathology. This inability to correctly parse basic cause and effect results in a dangerous inferior race that is a threat to itself and anyone foolish enough to believe we're just one or maybe two wasteful programs away from turning a Stone Age remnant into a good little consumer and materialist. We're not equal.

A rapper who tweeted ‘God made me bulletproof’ has been shot dead outside a pizza shop.  

He might have given you a heavily sloped forehead and a thick skull, but that's not quite the same as being bulletproof, obviously. Aspiring (c)rapper and good boy turning its life around gets limited, its animal mind vomiting out blasphemous nonsense right until the bitter end.

Young Muzi, 31, was killed in Atlanta on Sunday night when police heard multiple gunshots outside the restaurant.

Nothing of value was lost.

Nearly eight months ago he posted his fateful tweet after surviving a shooting at a Waffle House on December 28, 2016, in Buckhead, Georgia.

The vibrant and colorful "African-American" experience, unlike stiff and dull Whitey who rarely, if ever, engages in shootouts at a waffle outlet.

John Henson, deputy chief investigator of the DeKalb County Medical Examiner’s Office, identified the victim by his legal name, Jabril Abdur-Rahman.

The exciting "intersectionality" of typical negro behavior and moon cult idolatry. Dat durr snake idol dunn made me bull-poof an sheeeit. Halp mee Ahh-lahh I bee leekin'.

Speaking after the shooting that he survived, he told Fox news: ‘I didn’t see anything. I was in there for three to five minutes and was about to order the All Star Special when bullets started flying.

Getting your All Star Special on gone wrong. It didn't see nuffin. Next thing you know, a scene from the coming all against all is unfolding with moronic tar creatures blasting each other and then dying after muh divine protection failed.

Talented and deeply spiritual morlock got wasted.

‘I think the shooter was a customer inside. My friends and I were just trying to get some food after a night of making music.’

After producing a symphony to present at the next meeting of the Mozart Appreciation Society it was time to get some exotic Italian cuisine (diversity rocks!). A fellow consumer bar code went ape. We dyin' hee-ah.

Writing about his music on his website he said: ‘Now I’m officially in an artist state of mind. My work rule is to try to make three songs a day.

Time for artist mode. Let's see, what rhymes with "big ole azz?" Equitable flat tax? Unstable atomic mass? Man, diss sheet be eeezee, mudda fudda. 

‘I try to be in there all day, every night. I discovered that working overtime on my music keeps me out of trouble. In fact it probably saved my life,’
Well, that and having your fellow night terror soak up all the bullets for you.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Africa Ball to Fix Negro Rapist

Are you ready for some negro ball, fellow work unit? Isn't it exciting to watch overweight living fossils slam into each other briefly and than mill around doing nothing for awhile, allowing us to be bombarded with advertisements and jewish lectures on why we need to give up more of our rights. Come on over, we can root on "Red" together! Don't worry, my wife won't be there, she usually disappears on the weekends and comes back late Sunday night smelling of menthol cigarettes and Arizona Ice Tea. We can even try to "direct" while the African bull we worship is playing grab-ass. I sure hate "Blue," but "we" beat them nearly half the time, which is really exciting. And guess what else? Some of the morlocks are convicted rapists who are being rehabilitated by this ugly kosher spectacle!

A man convicted of rape as a teen in a case that drew international attention will be part of the Youngstown State football team this year but won't be allowed to play in any games, the school said Wednesday in responding to criticism surrounding his participation. 

A few people were wondering why a negro rapist is part of muh team. Don't worry, this sex monster won't be seeing any time on the field until next year when you've all stopped caring. The simian who sexually assaulted an unconscious victim, took lots of pictures and videos of the crime, posted it on Faceberg and generally displayed an anti-soul so vile one has to wonder why we're forced to share living space with these monsters can also run really fast for a few seconds and that covers a lot of sins.

Ma'Lik Richmond served about 10 months in a juvenile lockup after being convicted with another Steubenville High School football player of raping a 16-year-old girl during an alcohol-fueled party in 2012.

We don't want to ruin your promising Congo Ball career, so here's a joke sentence for this vomit-inducing pathology. Can't wait for the talmudvision episode where all the negro rapists become White frat boys. We'll allow this good boy to turn that life around. I mean, you were young once, too, right? Who among us hasn't taken pictures of an unconscious girl we just ejaculated on and then posted them on Zuckerberg Inc. with witty comments about how she's probably dead. Boys will be boys.

The case brought international attention to the eastern Ohio city of 18,000 and led to allegations of a cover-up to protect the football team.

Here's all the horrible details. This was followed by the memory hole, deafening silence from jewish feminists, comically lenient sentences, and now a spot as a "scholar athlete" on a college team. Here we have actual "rape culture," but the animals involved are more equal, so let's just get back to cheering the shit-colored criminal scumbags on "our" team.

Richmond, now 21, will be a member of the team at Youngstown State, a Football Championship Subdivision school in northeastern Ohio, but will forfeit a year of participation, the school said in a statement.

No football for a year and maybe no seconds on dessert on most weekdays seems like a fair punishment. 

He didn't do [anything].

"He will be given the opportunity to benefit from group participation, the lessons of hard work and discipline, as well as the camaraderie and guidance of the staff and teammates," the statement said.

Being surrounded by his fellow worthless thugs and pathetic White cuckolds should quickly reform this promising young man. Think of all the valuable lessons you'll learn while piling on top of other evolutionary dead-ends and being worshiped by debased Whites. This poisonous nonsense is sure to cure the rape ape.

The school said Richmond participated in spring practice and earned a spot on the roster as a walk-on. Youngstown State coach Bo Pelini told The Vindicator in Youngstown that he had sought out Richmond, a linebacker, after learning the young man was already attending the school. 

I heard about this member of a failed branch of humanity with foreign DNA who could run into its fellow night terrors and knock them over with some degree of skill and of course I was extremely aroused, I mean interested, in recruiting this creature. 

  This sick piece of shit loves negro rapists.

Pelini said he met with Richmond and educated himself about the case before deciding that he deserved a chance to play.

First I "educated" myself about the case with my pants around my ankles the whole time. Then I was eager to meet my new jungle toy.

Full Story.

The exciting "diversity" of Liberia Ball.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Vehicle was Waiting

Europe is under attack by inanimate objects that somehow gain sentience and then immediately target the kuffir. From "bad streets" in sharia law no-go zones, to "knife attacks" and self-driving trucks it's clear that our ancestral homelands are facing a bizarre Maximum Overdrive crisis. Well, that or it's just enemygrants and the Fraud News refuses to address this disaster, this might also be the case. Still, things are much better since we stopped putting tricolor filters over our Faceberg duck-face photos and just immediately memory holed the moe-ham-head malfunction. For example, today's story about an autonomous car and its suspiciously unidentified driver plowing over soldiers trying to control the mudslime violence in El-France didn't even rate a mention by the liar press. We have to focus on what matters, like war with Russia, war with North Korea, war with Iran, war, war and more war. The jew wants dead Whites.

French police have searched the home of a man suspected of driving a car into a group of soldiers in a Paris suburb on Wednesday morning, injuring six, to establish if he has links to terrorist organisations.

Cue wacky Pink Panther music as this bumbling investigation into the latest alien jihadan begins. Could this unnamed "man" have been connected to mainstream moon cultist beliefs? By the time we find out, you'll be distracted by something else, right?

The man, shot and arrested earlier after a motorway chase in northern France later on Wednesday, was reported to be a 36-year-old living in a north-west suburb of Paris.

We decided that the age of this snake idol worshiping sand monster was the most salient detail, so that's all you're getting.

Police confirmed the black rented BMW stopped by armed officers was the same vehicle used in the attack, but were unable to confirm the involvement of the driver who was reportedly unarmed.

Unarmed and innocent "man" who was probably Christian. Mangled bodies splattered across the road. Say, is that Africa Ball on your talmudvision? I really like the negroes on "Red."

The incident in Paris occurred at about 8am during the changeover of soldiers stationed at Place de Verdun, not far from the town hall in Levallois-Perret. Six members of the 35th infantry regiment were injured in the apparent ambush, three seriously.

Paris under martial law, walls around our monuments to prevent "attacks," constant fear, dark alien faces full of menace, strident calls to mahound dog-posture sessions, "Is this Africa?" You can't build your future with other people's children.

Europe is for everyone.

The vehicle was driven the wrong way down a one-way street before it struck the troops.

Undocumented right of way, no direction is illegal. There is zero connection between foreign invasion and crime and it's obvious when you see soldiers patrolling your dying city and then being cut to pieces by jihad on wheels.

Balkany described the attack as a “deliberate aggression”.

Yeah. No shit.

“It’s without doubt a deliberate act … This vehicle was waiting for them,” he said. “The BMW accelerated very quickly the moment they came out. This happened in the middle of the town. It happened very quickly.

The car, driving itself and even having human thoughts, lay in wait for the enemies of islam. "Then, when the sacred months are drawn away, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush." Nothing to see here, just a BMW that went bad on its own, the legacy of an evil Germany that is also being rapidly destroyed, I mean "enriched," by jew-ordered sand creature invasion. 

“Levallois is a calm place … this is an odious aggression against our military that nobody expected.”

Who could have predicted this? We've never seen anything like it! For at least a few weeks, anyway... 

The soldiers were deployed as part of Opération Sentinelle. About 10,000 soldiers and 4,700 police and gendarmes are involved in the operation, which was launched under France’s ongoing state of emergency introduced after the January 2015 terrorist attacks.

"Diversity" is our greatest strength. When Paris was homogeneous and boring we didn't need to launch failed military campaigns against the civilian populace, but now we do and it's so vibrant and exciting.

Although French authorities remain cautious as to the motives of the driver, the incident appears to be the latest assault on France’s security forces.

It was probably a "right wing" extremist, just you wait and see.

It came four days after Opération Sentinelle soldiers arrested an 18-year-old man with a history of psychological problems at the Eiffel Tower, where he had brandished a knife and shouted “Allahu Akbar”. He told investigators he wanted to kill a soldier, sources close to the case told Agence France-Presse.

The motives in that attack also remain undetermined. Might be "climate change."

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Women and Children Fleeing War Arrive in Spain

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to make copies and spread it far and wide. This is a comprehensive 97 second refutation of every deceitful kosher argument for "immigration."

What you're watching is a scene from a nightmare. This is being filmed in Europe. Hordes of fighting age males display the sort of agitated behavior usually seen from the 65 I.Q. negro animal right before something burns, the looting starts or a mall gets put on tilt. This writhing dark metastasis is needed if Europe is going to survive, ask any jew. Shirtless tar monsters run down a street yelling tribal nonsense that might as well be "ooga booga." They're here to save muh economy and muh pensions. We will win the critical kosher race to have more people, while defining what actually qualifies as human as loosely as possible.

We're treated to more idiotic pathology from genetic aliens carrying foreign DNA not shared by any other race. One enemygrant is wearing a shirt for the local soccer club. Wow, can't wait to watch the amazing "pace" of this dark animal in the Africa ball matches. Drink that booze, pop those pills, shoot that heroin, everything is fine. Our football animals on "red" are better than the morlocks on "blue." This is a source of massive civic pride. Let me get this noose around my neck. Outside, everything is burning, Camp of Saints madness is unfolding, our nations are dying.

We care deeply about democracy, rule of law and free markets.

Still more Big Chimping follows. An ambulance pulls up. I guess it's time to receive the first of many free services from the dying land they just invaded. Congoloids yell and extend their fists toward the camera, full of unbridled exuberance for a future of endless hand-outs and plenty of free-range Legacy Europeans to prey upon. "Eye cant bee-leee dem dumm wites lat us een," is the thought that roughly coalesces within primitive brains completely incompatible with a civilization built and maintained by Whites. We're doing the right thing. A merchant with a weird little cap convinced us it was necessary. This is definitely not national suicide.

After more displays that prove we're all equal and that race is just "skin color," and probably not even that, the foreign sewage is finally corralled by legitimate authorities. The enemy army is made to sit on the ground like a rowdy kindergarten class being disciplined. Please, garbage people, save your worst behavior for after the cameras are gone. In the darkness the mob of living fossils is nearly invisible as confused representatives of a terminally ill country wonder what they should do next. At least we're "doing the right thing." That jewish eulogy for our rotting corpse is going to be mostly full of half-praise, just you wait.

Look at all the "diversity."